‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Unplugged In Scenes Fans Can’t Forget

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown first showed up on his TLC reality show with a mission but he seemed to raise more questions than give answers. He wanted to show the world that his family of four wives and more than a dozen kids weren’t that much different than traditional families.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Claims It’s All Normal – But Is It?

These Sister Wives parents raised a bunch of swell kids. But four women sharing one man is much different than traditional marriages. Just as the audience originally thought it would be.

The family talked about a little bit of jealousy between the women at the beginning of the series. But the Sister Wives episodes showed quite a bit of jealousy over time.

Kody Brown also struggled at times as he attempted to normalize his situation. He used different scenarios to explain what it is like when you love four women. While the Sister Wives seasons rolled by his theory didn’t always seem to play out the way he explained.

According to this Sister Wives’ shared husband, loving four women at the same time is much like parents loving their four children. You have the same amount of love for each of them, but you love them differently for their individual characteristics.

This theory was hard for the fans of the Sister Wives series to follow. There’s normally not much to get jealous about with your kids in a healthy parent-child relationship. Fans commented on how you share a different kind of love with your partner. Or in this case partners, then you do with your offspring.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Robyn Brown In Brown Clothes

Theory Not Holding Water for Fans

Kody offered this analogy of his love for his wives in the early days of Sister Wives during Season 1. It was during the “Honeymoon” special that he tried to explain it all. For several moments there, it looked to fans if he was having a hard time convincing himself.

Then the topper of explanations came about as he took Robyn on a wild animal park tour. It was like a safari tour only in a park made as a tourist attraction.

What caught his attention was the mating rituals of many of the wild animals. The tour guide talked about the male species of several animal species who mated with a few females.

The Sister Wives patriarch opened his eyes wide and he seemed to puff up his chest over this tidbit of knowledge. He equated his polygamous lifestyle with the way the animals found mates.

He did whatever he could to impress Robyn during their honeymoon. But how his other three wives could watch this honeymoon special perplexed the fans. Kody prides himself on not showing any type of romance with one wife if there’s a chance the others will see it.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Time For Kody Brown To Let His Hair Down

While his original three Sister Wives women weren’t there on that honeymoon, they could watch it when TLC rolled out the episode. They would get to see the romantic kisses at sunset, along with Kody Brown playfully slapping his young wife’s backside. Not to mention how he giggled like a love-sick teen.

While on the honeymoon, fans were privy to one phone call he made home to Meri Brown. She did not sound like a happy camper at all. He cut the call short by saying, “I gotta run” and she hit him back with a question.

Meri asks if he has to go already, as Kody just called a few minutes ago. But he finished the call off by saying he loved her. Then it sounded as if he said: “good-bye lover” as the Sister Wives camera honed in on him. The camera panned on and off Robyn in the bathroom applying lotion to her hands and arms. She didn’t look amused.

Back a decade ago when that episode aired, the cameras switched on and off Kody and Robyn together. Then it switched to the other wives caring for Kody’s brood of children. Here he is zip-lining, surfing, dancing, and romancing as his other three Sister Wives moms feed the kids at a picnic.

Sister-Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Cash Strapped But Lavish Honeymoon?

This honeymoon happened when they were short on cash and struggling. Yes, this theme always seems to stay with Kody Brow. Kody made his financial problems clear in the family’s book. Yet, he takes his new wife on what looked like a very expensive vacation. The Sister Wives newlyweds stayed in a hotel suite on the water.

The contrast between Kody Brown living it up with Robyn and the rest of the Sister Wives clan going to a free park to have a picnic really didn’t sit well with fans.

Throughout the honeymoon, Kody looked into the camera to say just how he loved and felt devoted to all his wives. Again, he equates having four wives to having kids. He explains how you don’t stop loving one child because another comes along. No, you love them all for their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Despite the amount of time Kody Brown spent telling the audience how this trip with Robyn was par for the course, fans weren’t buying it. Especially since the entire time, he was gone, the three Sister Wives he left behind unloaded their anger into the TLC cameras.

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