‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Tries New Trend – Rattles Fans

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown might think he looks good but once fans got a gander at this new trend of his, some asked if it was accidental. Once you take a glance at what he did, you will probably understand why. Something is missing and to his many Sister Wives fans, this doesn’t appear too cool.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Embarks On Facial Experiment?

Apparently, it looks just fine if a guy wears a mustache without sporting a beard. But it seems fans explain, wearing a beard but having a clean-shaven upper lip doesn’t typically fly.

Walking around with a beard but minus the mustache, well, it seems to give the feeling of being off-kilter. So it looks as if the Sister Wives patriarch fits into the off-kilter category.

This is Kody Brown, the man who styles his hair for a better part of an hour each day. So when the hubby of four stepped out appearing, well – different, fans took notice. It seems as if he decided to start a new trend.

The shared husband of four grew a bush of facial hair. All except for his mustache. The clean-shaven spot where he removed the hair from his upper lip sparked many comments.

One person wanted to know if something surprised him during his morning shave. It looks as if this husband was possibly rattled and slipped. Viewers expressed that they don’t think someone would do this on purpose.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Surprised While Shaving?

The possibility that something surprised him while shaving wasn’t the only guess his Sister Wives followers threw out there. Some suggested he might attempt to start his own trend.

From the feedback, it seems safe to say it’s not catching on. While it looks unfinished, this isn’t the first time Kody Brown sparked attention to the hair he grows.

Usually, it’s the hair on his head that gets all the attention. Look at his coiffure in the photo below. This came after his daily shampoo and blow-dry. He also uses a defuser to cut back on the frizz. But it kept those ringlets nice and tight.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall… Kody Fairest Of Them All?

To say that the Sister Wives shared husband has a thread of vanity running through him is an understatement. This is the opinion of his four ladies who are the first to tell the fans this guy likes to primp.

This is the first time his facial fuzz created a ruckus in a while. But the head on the top of his hair is notorious for headlines. The four Sister Wives coined a title for Kody’s coiffure. They refer to it as his fifth bride.

For more of Kody Brown and his brood, tune into TLC on Sunday night, February 14, at 10 pm for the rollout of the new Sister Wives season.

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