‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Woos Wife Online – Thinks She Looks Like Meryl Streep?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown recently took to social media to share that he thinks one of his wives looks like Meryl Streep. Or at least she did on Sunday night’s show, according to the patriarch of the Brown family. It seems Kody Brown sees one of his wives in a different light lately and shared about it online.

You have to admit, that’s not a bad compliment to offer your wife. There’s been no reply from the wife that Kody thinks has star quality. For that matter, none of the wives commented on Kody’s observation as of yet.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Notices Famous Resemblance

So, which of his four wives reminds him of the Oscar winning powerhouse actress on the last Sister Wives episode? That would be Christine Brown. Kody often live tweets while he watches the latest episode or right after it airs.

Much of the time, he ends up explaining his actions on the show and what he was thinking at the time he did something. But, he went a little out of his norm this week and shared his fantasy-like vision about one of his four wives. 

SW: Kody  Down to One Wife Temporarily?

At the time he was tweeting, reports indicated three of his wives were away. Meri Brown is in Puerto Rico right now cruising with her Lularoe business associates. Reports suggest that both Christine Brown and Meri Brown are on that same cruise. But there’s not a sign of Christine Brown in the photos Meri tweets.

You’d expect the two Sister Wives celebs in at least a few of the photos together if she’s really is there.  Then Janelle tweeted she’s on a grandmother mission – headed to North Carolina to see her grandson, Axel. Of course, she’ll visit her daughter Maddie and son-in-law as well.

Sister Wives: Where is Christine Brown?

Meri has posted photos of her and her co-workers but her Sister Wives co-star doesn’t show up in that group. You’d also think Christine would post some beautiful island pictures, but nothing.

Still, Christine did post a pic of herself over the weekend with her girls in the car. She mentioned her girls were dropping her off – she’s going on a cruise. So if reports are correct, it looks like the patriarch has three wives gone. With two of them on the high seas.

SW: Hubby of Four Lonely?

A report also indicates that Kody Brown posted with his wives gone – he’s feeling lonely. Then his Meryl Streep-Christine fantasy emerged on Twitter. Christine’s glam look at the wedding may have evoked the image of the actress for Kody. And that’s quite a compliment coming from a husband with four wives.

This week it looks like Kody Brown has Christine Brown on his mind quite a bit. He tweeted that Sunday’s show focused on him and Christine. He then tweeted that Christine gets her buttons pushed all the time. The Sister Wives patriarch offers an explanation for that in the post above. He claims she’s a “button-pusher”.

Sister Wives: Christine in Kody’s Scope Lately?

While all the wives have their moments with Kody Brown on the Sister Wives show, Christine seems to be the most playful. In recent episodes, Kody and Christine Brown tease each other like newlyweds. Maybe there’s some rekindling or second honeymoon-type stuff happening here.

Of course, Christine Brown recently lost a lot of weight and is looking healthier (and happier) than ever. She even appears more confident in herself these days. So maybe her self-improvement efforts re-sparked something in her marriage.

Sister Wives: Favorite Wife of Kody?

It’s no secret across the social media sites that many Sister Wives fans think Kody Brown has a favorite wife. And they’ve pointed to Robyn Brown but are times changing? While Christine and  Kody Brown married over 20 years ago, you can’t miss the flirting going on between these two on the show lately. Any way you look at it, Kody Brown paid Christine Brown one heck of a compliment on Twitter.

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