‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Degrades One Wife as the Others Laugh [Video]

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown did something so awful on national television that even trolls felt sympathetic for the wife he slammed. What was Kody thinking when he flippantly said this in front of the large TLC reality series audience?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Said Hurtful Things About Christine Brown

Kody didn’t use a filter during this “Tell-All” interview. It seems that he just let the words roll as they popped into his head. Especially when he said that it’s an understatement to say he was not physically attracted to Christine Brown. He recalled earlier years before they married. He then told a horrible story about her.

Years back he penned a book with his co-wives. In this book, he described how during a road trip, when he saw Christine eating nachos this turned him off. He was on this trip with one of his other wives and Christine joined them.

This happened long before they were married but she had Kody in her sights as she was crazy about him. When she got nachos at a roadside stop, Kody could see her eating in the rear view mirror.

He said she had cheese and nacho sauce all over the place. At the time she was chubby, recalls the Sister Wives husband. He said that the sight of a chubby Christine eating with nacho sauce and cheese all over the place grossed him out. Although he later reframes this to say, the nachos grossed him out.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Backs Off Pursuing His Third Wife

Kody Brown also shared in the book how this scene caused him to take a few steps back from Christine. He lost interest in courting her for quite some time. Christine wasn’t aware of this until he recalled the scene for the book.

The man who would have 18 kids in the future said this in front of the nation on TV. All four of his Sister Wives women sat there and took this in. A very sad-looking Christine looked as if she could cry when Kody told this story during the interview. That clip plays out in the video posted below.

The Sister Wives patriarch’s superficial behavior stunned fans. Especially when they saw Christine’ face during that Sister Wives interview. She looked mortified, embarrassed, and in emotional pain, suggested the Sister Wives viewers.

Sister Wives: One of the Most Painful Scenes to Watch?

Another thing that seemed odd – the way her co-wives reacted to Kody’s story. Take a look at the other three wives as Kody Brown spits the words out about being unattractive to Christine over this. They seemed to laugh as you would at a kid who’s just learning to talk and blurts things out.

But this wasn’t from the mouths of babes. No, Christine’s Sister Wives shared husband was talking about her. Kody back peddled a bit and said that since that time he and Christine found their “sweet spot”.

But that didn’t seem to lessen the pain in Christine’s eyes. Needless to say, fans were furious over this.

When the woman running the interview asked Christine how it feels to hear Kody Brown say this. It sounds like she says it feels just awful before the video cuts out. Well, it sounded just awful for sure, according to the Sister Wives followers.

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