‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Stomps Off in Huff – Wives Offer New Reaction

Sister Wives rolled out their new season last Sunday with Kody Brown still headstrong about getting his way. Kody seems to demand he has the last say when it comes to family matters. At one point on last Sunday’s episode, he’s not a happy camper. He got angry and stormed out of the room. It looks like there’s plenty more where that came from during this new season.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Up to His Old Tricks?

On the promo clip for this season of Sister Wives, it appears fans get to see Kody make several attempts to take complete control. In one scene he even throws out a little speech for the camera about “leading” the family.

Kody Brown said that he realizes how being the leader means you sometimes lead where they might not want to go. But as the leader, Kody Brown feels he knows what’s best for his four Sister Wives and 18 kids.

This rather noble speech pops up around the time the Brown patriarch springs the Flagstaff move on his wives. This season filmed the move from Nevada to Arizona from the beginning to the end.

Sister Wives Provide Plenty of Opposition

The new season of Sister Wives also includes opposition from his wives. Christine might be the exception, as it appears she stands behind Kody more so than the other wives. Fans might notice that Christine does her best to please Kody this season. Even if it means being the odd wife out.

It seems like Kody Brown hasn’t changed much. That is beside the new hairdo he’s sporting on Sister Wives these days. From what’s seen on the preview video, Kody Brown still has the tendency to storm off when he can’t win an argument.

While he’s pretty much the same, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown handle their husband a little bit different. Their approach to their husband’s huffing and puffing has changed since the early seasons of TLC’s Sister Wives.

Kody Brown Pouts – Storms off to Ice His Face

One example of how the wives handle Kody Brown today in comparison to yesteryear popped up on the season premiere. He got frustrated as he and his four wives discussed Meri Brown’s Bed and Breakfast venture.

Kody Brown stormed off to go put some “ice on his face.” This husband with four wives seems to have an uncanny knack of turning things around. Even if it’s not about him, suddenly it looks like he’s the victim. Case in point – Meri Brown requesting financial help for her B&B venture.

Meri started to cry after Kody reneged on the financial help he offered her. Then Kody decided to leave the room. He angerly states he’s had enough. Kody said to the Sister Wives camera later that the “stupidity” of this was just overwhelming for him so he “walked out.” That’s why he leaves the room and goes to look for some ice. Apparently, he puts it on his face to help cool him down?

The Wives Have Changed

This scene with Meri needing money for her venture played out on Sister Wives last Sunday. While it showed the same old Kody, it appears his four wives have changed a bit since the show first aired.

If Kody stormed off in a huff during earlier seasons of Sister Wives, at least one, if not all, his wives would follow him. Someone would dote on him to make sure he was OK. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem they do this anymore. Or at least not in this case.

Time to Chill Out

It appears the Sister Wives would rather Kody Brown go stick his head in ice than mother him like they used to. It also looks like his wives don’t go in for the drama they once did. Maybe they’ve become immune to his reaction and they know it will just pass.

It’s early in the season so there’s no telling what will go on as Kody Brown “leads” his family in the direction of a move to Flagstaff.

Tune in Sunday nights and catch the new season of this TLC reality show.

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