‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Spins New Season with Rebooted Story Lines? [Video]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown spent a good deal of this last season either talking about moving, moving, or griping about the moving cost. While this dragged on for too long for many of the Sister Wives fans, it seems it is almost a rerun from seasons gone by.

The Sister Wives members are all several years older now. But the move from Utah to Vegas played out like a carbon copy of last season’s move to Flagstaff. From the older kids bucking the family’s relocation to Kody Brown’s complaints, this season was like a mirror presentation of a long-ago season.

Sister Wives: The Fascination of Kody Brown Sleeping With Four Women

Kody Brown first caught the viewers’ eye a decade ago with his different lifestyle. The number of viewers grew in the first few seasons with the addition of a fourth wife to Sister Wives.

While that scenario really racked up the ratings long ago, it’s doubtful Kody Brown will take on another wife just for the sake of ratings. Kody might, but his four wives probably wouldn’t go for it. It seems some of the events that once built up the audience were rebooted in this last season.

The Sister Wives family left Utah under the cover of night and ended up in Vegas. These events happened years ago but they were extremely similar to the events that played out in the last season.

The year was 2012 when the video clip below was first posted online. But if you just take out Vegas and replace it with Flagstaff, their problems are exactly the same. All except for the law, which is not hot on Kody Brown’s trail this time around like in back in Utah.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Maddie Brown - Kody Brown

Grabbed Ratings in 2012 – Why Not Repeat In 2020?

Both seasons offered a few of Kody Brown’s kids on camera who were mad and who didn’t like their new city. Each wife had a different house scattered all over Vegas when they first landed. This last season it’s the same thing in Flagstaff. Then there’s the Sister Wives patriarch, who traveled from house to house in Vegas. Just like he’s doing today in Flagstaff with all the same complaints.

In the video below, it covers the time period right after Kody and family relocation to Vegas. They visit empty land in Sin City where they hoped to build their future homes, just like they do today at Coyote Pass in Flagstaff.

Kody Brown claims the Vegas relocation may be the most important dream the Sister Wives tribe will ever have. This is pretty much what he said again when he wanted to relocate to Flagstaff. The ladies complain that the move to Vegas was meant to bring them together but it’s not. Again, the same thing goes on in Flagstaff, the move separated them. And… they complain.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown - Mariah Brown

Sister Wives: Different Kids, Same Complaints

Back in 2012, Maddie Brown was just a teen and an angry teen at the time. She didn’t like moving out of Utah. Maddie basically played the part that Gabe Brown played during the Flagstaff move.

Maddie upset Janelle so much that she questioned herself as a mother. She worried that she failed as a mom. What she went through with Maddie is just like what she went through with Gabe this time around.

At one point Maddie snaps at her parents for promising things that never come true. The Sister Wives’ daughter also turns to the adults and declares she doesn’t want to be part of the family’s religion. When Kody asks her why she tells him that she refuses to share a future husband. This hit the Sister Wives’ moms hard.

Fans made comments about a number of things seen in the 2012 video clip including Mariah Brown’s behavior. She was very dramatic on camera.

This Sister Wives sibling cries and sobs over her mother’s decision that really didn’t concern her, claims the fans. She was furious that Meri Brown didn’t take Robyn up when she offers to become a surrogate mother.

Fans suggest that Mariah wasn’t nice to her mother and seem to put her down. This is something seen in later seasons of Sister Wives as well. Mariah can be very critical of her mother, who is the original Sister Wives matriarch.

Is Kody Brown Aware of Albert Einstein’s Take on Insanity?

Kody tells the camera that the strong family culture the Sister Wives once enjoyed crumbles in Vegas. Does this sound familiar? Last season Kody said the same thing about Flagstaff that he once said about Vegas.

The Sister Wives series invited viewers to watch them grow as a family for the last 10 years. But they seem stuck in a vicious cycle that offers them the same unwanted outcomes. History just repeats itself and it seems they learn nothing from their experiences. Yet, they do it again.

Is this really the way the family wants to live life or is it all spun to bring viewers back? Do they run out of storylines and do it all over again? With Coyote Pass still vacant of dwellings – could another move be in the wings?

It seems this family spins a lot of drama when it’s time to relocate. Once you watch the clip above, it’s amazing how their mistakes in 2012 get repeated in 2019. Albert Einstein is said to have coined this saying:

 “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

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