‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown in a Speedo – What Did TLC Blur Out?

Sister Wives new season starting soon features Kody Brown stripped down to very little as he cavorts around. He offers a Tarzan-like pose in what looks like a Speedo. However, TLC decided to do some blurring it seems. So, what were they trying to cover up on Kody?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Frolics in Speedo – It’s An Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Black Bikini Bottoms

It seems when Kody Brown’s family pulls up to Coyote Pass, there’s still no structures erected. But what awaits Kody and his clan is a pond. The Sister Wives patriarch yells to his four wives and offspring that this is “all ours”.

Then, some of the Sister Wives fam swims in the water. Obviously enjoying himself in his Speedo, Kody Brown flexes like a strong man at a carnival.

But, unlike a carnival sideshow, it looks like part of Kody is blurred out. But what part? It looks like it’s his middle. Maybe Papa Brown requested the edit. Kody’s in either a Speedo or teeny skivvies.

But either way… he’s apparently feeling manly in the poses below.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown in Speedo

Boxers or Briefs – Now Fans Know What the Father of 18’s Hiding…

While Kody Brown seems to love the camera, there are very few shots, if any, of him without a shirt. That goes double for the Sister Wives husband when it comes to pants. He’s always fully dressed in front of the cameras.

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Robyn Brown, as well as Kody Brown, tend to be modest about showing skin. You’d be hard pressed to find a shot of the Sister Wives showing cleavage. And the same goes for Kody who’s usually buttoned up so not even chest hair shows in an open-collared shirt.

So, to see Kody posed like this surprises fans. It doesn’t appear as if the Sister Wives tribe rolled onto their property with plans to swim. And one of the kids jumped in too while another just waded in. So, maybe Kody happened to have his swimsuit with him for the trip… or not. If you’re wondering if he sports boxers or if it’s briefs – the photo says it all…

Sister Wives Season 14 Brings Tense Times

This scene with Kody and his kids in the water shows a playful side of the new season. Don’t let this fool you, it seems some tough times hit the family in the new season.

Expect to see raised voices, anger, and tears for several members of the Sister Wives bunch. While the family visits their land, Kody Brown lays into his wife Robyn Brown in a rare show of anger between the two.

It sounds as if the family is in dire financial straits and Kody’s idea to make it go away infuriates all four wives. But that doesn’t stop him from enjoying some fun getting wet in his little black undies.

As for what TLC blurred out – wait and see… Fans don’t have much longer to wait as the premiere of season 14 rolls out on Sunday night, January 5.

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