‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Slammed For ‘Bragging’ Online

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is often painted as a villain online by the show’s viewers over the dynamics within his plural marriage. But some people who follow the patriarch have another bone to pick with Kody Brown today.

When the Sister Wives patriarch made a recent comment about his heritage online people jumped on it. “Bragging” is how one commenter described his tweet. Kody apparently took notice of a random Twitter user who described socialism as something attempted by Brigham Young. This looked like Kody’s cue to come in sideways and claim Young as his “uncle.”

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Says ‘Uncle’

Brigham Young is the second president of the LDS church. He’s also referred to as the “American Moses” by some in this religion. Back in 1847, he led a religious refugee group on a 1,300-mile trek to what is known as Salt Lake City today. Once Young reached this area he deemed it the place to start a new life with this group of people.

History credits Young with establishing settlements in the area. They prospered and became somewhat of a mecca for the pioneers of Latter Day Saints. That was over a century and a half ago. So when the Sister Wives husband referred to this man as his uncle, people jumped on him.

It looked like Kody Brown took the opportunity to hop on this tweet and declare Brigham Young his uncle. He also had a few things to say about his uncle’s attempt at socialism. This ruffled quite a few feathers online among the Sister Wives fans.

Papa Brown Ruffles Fans’ Feathers

While Young might or might not be Kody Brown’s ancestor, calling him his uncle got him the response of “bragging.” The Sister Wives shared husband could have easily made his point without a claim of Uncle Brigham. Young lived the 1800s. It’s 2019 today so calling someone an uncle from that far back in history is seen as a stretch by some online commenters.

One online user wrote, “Oh so now Brigham Young is your uncle hah?” This person also suggested this seems to follow suit to what some social media users already say about Kody Brown online. They criticize him for “being a narcissist.”

If someone is descendent of George Washington, they’re not likely to call them their uncle. Kody’s use of the term uncle didn’t gain him any ground with the Sister Wives online users when trying to make his point on socialism.

Sister Wives: Brown Patriarch Gets Online Lesson from Fans

Apparently, he also gathered criticism for his idea of socialism. Some suggested the head of the Sister Wives clan demonstrates confusion about its meaning. Furthermore, comments suggested that Kody’s family “is based on socialism.” Maybe Kody Brown got excited when seeing the name of his ancestor online. Kody being Kody Brown might have decided to share his heritage by getting in on the conversation somewhat sideways to declare his lineage.

This comes on the heels of Kody getting a round of criticism for another recent tweet. One commenter called him “passive-aggressive” for this one. Kody posted a quote about “bitterness.” This seemed to follow a quote posted by his first wife Meri Brown online. Her quote pointed to the selfishness of some women.

So followers online assumed Meri aimed her quote at the women she shares her Sister Wives man with. While it seemed fans offered Meri support for her tweet, they slammed Kody. It looks like some assumed he aimed the bitterness quote at Meri. Furthermore, it appears to some Sister Wives followers that this husband and wife are poking each other with quotes online.

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