‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Finds Grass Not Greener in New Season 14

Sister Wives star Kody Brown led a family caravan to a new city where he envisioned an easier life for a man with four wives and 18 kids. So the family followed his lead in what seemed like an urgent need on his behalf to move.

Kody Brown and his family landed in Flagstaff, Arizona, with visions of easier times dancing in Kody’s head. But the new Sister Wives previews seem to suggest that Kody forgot to include a few things in that vision.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Finances Worse Than Thought?

When the last Sister Wives episodes from last season came to a close Kody Brown was in the middle of a juggling act. His finances weren’t stellar but it sounds like the fans, or more importantly, his wives, didn’t know just how bad it really was.

Sister Wives Season 14 promises finance problems so dire that the lack of money might dictate where they have to live. Previews from TLC suggest there’s a solution that Kody comes up with but his wives struggle with his idea.

Last season filmed months before the episodes got to the screen. When Season 14 of Sister Wives rolls out in January, fans will see what went on earlier this year.

So it might not seem like it, but Kody Brown has owned Coyote Pass for almost two years now. From all reports, it still sits vacant. But the new season previews suggest an argument ensues among the Sister Wives spouses over what to do with the property.

Sister Wives: Family

Kody Brown: Division of Property

Sister Wives promos seem to throw just enough information out there for fans to form their own assumptions. What they did toss out to the fans about this new season puts the women of Sister Wives at odds over the property.

It sounds like the only way out of the financial mess for Kody is to combine his four households into one. Kody Brown didn’t spend all that time on the last season of Sister Wives finding and creating a monster house with an architect for nothing. This cliffhanger comes home to roost in the new season.

It sounds as if the Sister Wives ladies want nothing to do with combined living but they might not have a choice. Another preview suggests they argue over the fair division of property on the new season.

That too brings Kody’s projected one big house to mind. Remember that tiny spot on those blueprints with Meri’s name on it? Fans were furious to see how Kody divvied up the massive Sister Wives house.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Meri Slighted By Square Footage?

When Kody showed the blueprints on camera to his Sister Wives, fans were bowled over by Meri’s piece of the house. Immediately fans hopped online to deem the section Kody Brown allotted for Meri Brown in his big house nothing but a glorified closet.

Meri looked slighted by square footage. Especially when compared to what he awarded Robyn Brown. She got two master bedroom suites in her layout. Kody said at the time the second master bedroom was for Robyn’s son who intended to live home while attending college.

The four wives of Kody Brown haven’t seen this dream blueprint of Kody’s yet on the Sister Wives show. So this new season will highlight Kody’s surprise housing creation. Apparently, the wives will see what the fans saw last season. That’s Robyn Brown with the lion’s share in the blueprints of Kody Brown’s castle.

It also sounds that some, if not all of the wives bite back over the division of property. Maybe even Robyn gets upset as well. By Kody Brown giving her so much space, he’s put her in an uncomfortable place among his other wives.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown


Neighbor Trouble for One Wife

One of the Sister Wives moms is driven out of her rental property by neighbors during the next season. When the Sister Wives tribe first moved to Flagstaff, all but one wife lived in rental homes. Christine purchased her very first Flagstaff house.

So Christine Brown was the only one that couldn’t be driven from a rental home. This means that one of Kody Brown’s other wives (Meri Brown, Janell Brown or Robyn Brown) had problems with their neighbors.

The TLC preview indicates one of Kody’s wives moved out of their rental home due to the neighbors. Since Meri and Robyn both moved for a second time while in Flagstaff, it looks like it’s one of these two wives.

Fans think it was Robyn. That’s because she immediately had inquisitive neighbors pop up on the first day she landed in her rental home in Flagstaff. They wanted to know how many of the droves of kids on her front lawn will reside in the home. But the wife who was driven from her home could be any of the three in rental homes.

Maybe it wasn’t the number of people living there that peeved off the neighbors. The traffic around the home from the production crew and fans of the show might be the reason the one wife from Sister Wives was ousted by neighbors.

Sister Wives: Flagstaff Not All Kody Brown Presented?

Kody Brown painted Flagstaff as a great place for the Sister Wives family to live. He claimed it was less expensive and that the residents were hippie-like in their lifestyles. Meaning the people are laid-back and non-judgemental.

It sounds as if Kody was right about the people in that city. But, he forgot to enter one factor into the equation. These laid-back folks like their quiet and privacy. They don’t care how many wives Kody Brown has but they don’t want the circus that comes along with it.

What they do care about is the cameras and production crew that follows the Sister Wives around. So the biggest cliffhanger of them all is the drama that bubbles up around Kody Brown and his brood in their new city.

People in Vegas probably didn’t give the Brown family a second look when they came around with cameras in tow. Vegas hosts much bigger stars than this reality show family.

So when Season 14 rolls out, it sounds like Kody Brown’s sales pitch fell short. It appears Kody enticed his family of Sister Wives to move to Flagstaff with a vision that didn’t materialize. The previews promise more drama than ever before in their new city.

The living is not cheaper and the people, although a great bunch of folks, like their peace and quiet. So it looks like Kody Brown dug a deeper hole for himself by moving the family to Flagstaff. It doesn’t appear to be the saving grace that he promised when selling the move to his Sister Wives partners.

Sister Wives, the new Season 14, premiere airs Sunday night, January 5th, 2020, on TLC.

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