‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Reveals Parenting Guilt to His Mother

Sister Wives star Kody Brown looks as though he’s got some guilt worth mentioning when it comes to parenting those 18 kids of his. Apparently, that guilt was enough for him to open up to his mom. Ahead of Mother’s Day, Kody Brown shared how he still looks to his own mother for validation when it comes to child rearing his Sister Wives family.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Has Parenting Guilt?

Sister Wives fans haven’t seen too much of Kody Brown showing guilt around parenting skills. But the last season did highlight some of his fathering tactics. Especially when it came to a teenage son. When Gabriel Brown showed some opposition towards moving to Flagstaff Kody had a few things to say. Fans hopped online to shame Kody Brown over some of the things he shared on the show and online as well.

While the fans of Sister Wives were a bit peeved about what they witnessed from Kody Brown, he didn’t seem to harbor any guilt. Gabriel showed anger that his father decided to uproot his life after he worked so hard. The kid just started to see some of the fruits of his labor when news of the move came down the family pipeline. He had a good chance at making the captain of his wrestling team the following school year in Vegas. But he never got to see that materialize because the patriarch upped and moved the family to Flagstaff.

Kody Said Too Much in Public

Viewers of the show seemed split on Kody’s behavior and they hopped online to share their thoughts. That came after this dad tweeted to the world that he saw his son as “extremely dramatic”. Fans were riled when Kody said there were more important things at stake when it came to the move. Sister Wives viewers didn’t think it was fair to call his son out on Twitter about his dramatics and they slammed Kody Brown right back.

Some folks felt that Gabriel is a kid and his father, Kody Brown, had the right to relocate anytime he pleased. Others suggested that back in the good old days’ children did what they’re told without backlash. It wasn’t so much the move that conjured up the angry comments aimed at the Sister Wives patriarch. It seems the way Kody handled his son is what the fans found disheartening. First of all, Gabriel did lash out but teenagers do that.

Sister Wives: Coping with Guilt Thanks to Mom?

At one point during a Sister Wives episode, it sounded like Gabriel aimed a comment at Kody when he said the “slave driver” ordered the move. Some fans online called Gabriel out for “childish behavior” at the time. But fans thought Kody Brown shouldn’t have perpetuated this by posting his comments on Twitter. Anyway, Papa Brown didn’t seem to have any guilt about it at the time. But a few days before Mother’s Day Kody shared a little ditty about parental guilt via Twitter.

Kody Brown said he once complained to his mother about the guilt that goes along with being a parent. Apparently, the answer she gave Kody validated the guilt he felt from some of his decisions. Or maybe some of his past interaction with his kids played on his conscience. He didn’t share what guilt he actually associates with parenting but the head of the Sister Wives clan did admit there is some.

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