Sister Wives: Kody Brown Puts One Over on Wives – Never Intended Options?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has more than a dream invested in his proposed monster house, it looks like he did this out of desperation. He offers his four wives and 18 kids a virtual look at what he plans to build for them in the new season.

But in the new Sister Wives promo, the angry noise coming from his wives drowns out his presentation. That is until Janelle speaks up and pretty much demands they give Kody Brown a chance. Who knew Janelle had it in her?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Presents as His Co-Wives Fume

Kody Brown went a bit further with his Sister Wives’ grand home. Instead of just blueprints, the patriarch of the Brown clan now has a virtual reality presentation to show his family.

First of all, just the first mention of the one dwelling Sister Wives house to all his wives and kids went over like a lead balloon. Moans and angry noises emerged from everyone he gathered around the TV set to show them a clip on his dream house.

Kody looks tickled pink to have an arch of a house on the large screen TV screen that he sees himself living in one day. The wives facial coloring surpassed pink as a few red faces emerged among the Sister Wives women.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Not Happening Cries Christine Brown

While Kody Brown’s proposed housing plan doesn’t strike the fancy of any of his Sister Wives,’ it’s Christine who puts down her foot. She says she won’t do it and that’s it. It sounds like Kody puts this friction all back on the wives’ jealousy. From what he says next it sounds as if jealousy is not allowing them to look at one big house with an open mind.

Kody’s harsh description of how his wives look at this seemed rather mean coming from the Sister Wives shared-husband. He said he thinks his wives are looking at “one thing and solely one thing”. That is – “how much do I have to see the face of that other woman”. Wow, is that a clue as to how his wives get along?

Sister Wives: Buck Up Ladies – Your New Home?

Kody Brown went to the expense to have this huge home drawn up in blueprints. Now he went to another expense to have a clip made so his wives could see the image of the place he wants to call his Sister Wives home.

This is more than a whim on his part. That rings true after hearing Kody Brown lay the Sister Wives money woes on the table. It sounds as if Janelle might have known this ahead of the other wives because she backs up Kody during his first wave of protests from the family.

From what the previews suggest, fans assume Kody had this planned all along. Once he got the Sister Wive family to Flagstaff, they were sitting ducks. Although they did sign up for Kody to lead. They always abide by his final say.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Big House

Did Kody Plan This All Along?

Kody Brown had all the wives believing they would each have a home built for them. He went as far as taking the individual wives to the builders in Flagstaff before making the move so they could pick out the type of house they wanted.

The Sister Wives patriarch had these plans drawn up secretly. Now that they’ve made the move to Flagstaff he springs it on the wives. But this doesn’t sound like an option anymore. It sounds as if they can’t afford to build for separate homes. It appears this one big house is more like Kody’s financial life-line, it looks like he has no choice.

Make sure to tune in to Sister Wives when Season 14 premieres on TLC, January 5, 2020. Find out if the wives really do have a choice or if Kody is leading the family again without considering their input. Will the big house be their future home?

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