‘Sister Wives’: Can Kody Brown’s Sour Neighbors Get Him Arrested for Polygamy?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown may have taken a leap of faith by making his urgent move to Flagstaff along with the entire family in tow. It seems Kody’s vision of the welcome wagon rolling up to meet them didn’t pan out. In the new Sister Wives promo video, Meri Brown is distraught. She just learned their neighbors don’t want them there because they are a polygamous family.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Didn’t Do His Homework?

Meri is furious as she tells this to the other members of the Kody Brown family. Robyn Brown is with her as the two appear to unpack from their move to Flagstaff. They do this in one of their garages. But no details surface on whose home this is with the unwelcoming neighbors.

So you don’t know what Sister Wives woman got the cold shoulder from the neighbors. Since Kody Brown has his name is on all the homes, this involves him as well.

Fans in the Sister Wives groups debated this. Some were under the impression the neighbors became perturbed over something else. Several fans assumed that the neighbors didn’t care about the polygamous lifestyle of Kody Brown and his wives.

Instead, these fans thought that it was the media circus that soured the neighbors. Not to mention the production crew that comes along with Kody and the Sister Wives seriesBut too much disturbance in a quiet neighborhood wasn’t the problem. It’s the lifestyle Kody Brown leads with four wives.

From what Meri said in the promo for Sister Wives, polygamy is front and center of the neighbor’s angst. It seems it’s polygamy the neighbors become up in arms about and not the media presence. Apparently, they told one or more of the Sister Wives members that they don’t want the family in their neighborhood. The reason they gave is their plural marriage lifestyle.


Sister Wives: Kody Brown

What Happens If a Neighbor Turns Kody Into Police for Polygamy?

One of the Sister Wives‘ comments showed some concern over the Arizona laws on polygamy. They worried about the possibility that the neighbors could call the law on Kody Brown and the wives. Polygamy is illegal in every state. But it seems Arizona is strict when it comes to this law.

Did Kody do all his homework before moving the family lock, stock, and barrel? Why did he move the Sister Wives into an area that scorns plural marriage? According to a recent report, polygamy is illegal in the US. But Arizona actually mentions it in their constitution.

The Arizona Constitution states, “Polygamous or plural marriages, or polygamous cohabitation, are forever prohibited within this state.” So if a neighbor called the police on Kody Brown or his wives could they be arrested?

In most states that sounds like a grey area because you actually have to legally marry more than one wife to break the law. Spiritual unions usually don’t count. But in the Arizona constitution, it states “polygamous cohabitation” along with plural marriages is “prohibited” in Arizona.

Sister Wives Very Open With Lifestyle – No Hidding It Now

Kody Brown was already very public about his Sister Wives plural marriage before the move to Arizona. So it’s not as if someone has to catch him “cohabitating” with more than one spouse. Kody admits he does.

The Sister Wives patriarch made it clear that he spends one night at one wife’s home and the next night at another wife’s place. Kody Brown does this on a schedule were each wife gets him every four nights.

So it looks like the proof of polygamy already exists for Kody Brown. The father of 18, along with his wives, made it very clear since the beginning of the show that he shares himself equally with his four Sister Wives.

The upside to all of this is that the law typically doesn’t go after polygamous families. That is unless there’s some abuse involved. Whether it’s a child or spousal abuse, that’s when the law takes notice. But it sounds as if the law is clear enough that co-inhabiting feasibly does go against it.

It’s not known if the law would get involved with Kody Brown if a neighbor turned him in for practicing polygamy. But out of all the places to move, he happens to move to a state where the law sounds strict on polygamy. Or at least the legal language leads one to believe the state doesn’t tolerate this lifestyle.

The premiere of TLC’s Sister Wives Season 14, airs Sunday night, January 5th.

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