‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Slams Fan Who Mocks Him and Co-wife

Sister Wives star Kody Brown takes on a viewer of the show over a comment that suggests all was fine until the last bride entered the scene. But this person also suggested you can’t just blame Robyn Brown. It seems this fan believed Kody Brown also carried blame as he was so “obviously in lust” that he neglected his other wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Caught Up In Lust?

This caught the Sister Wives patriarch’s eye, who also offered a rare response. Usually, the head of this polygamous family just ignores negative remarks. But for some reason, it seems Kody Brown felt compelled to answer this one.

He started by addressing the commenter as, “Hey JACKWAGON!” From there he said his spiel. But it’s not clear if he defended Robyn or himself. Either way, it seems he barked up the wrong tree. That’s because the Sister Wives’ enthusiast only threw Robyn Brown’s words back at them.

During that long Sister Wives lunch on the first episode of this new season, Robyn Brown listened to the other wives’ complaints. Then suddenly, she seemed to make it all about her.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown Assigns the Blame

The co-wives complained about the lack of closeness they once enjoyed. Robyn started to tear-up and blamed herself. She suggested this all started from her joining the Sister Wives family.

It seems this person appeared to get under Kody’s skin. But they only repeated what Robyn said. She thought that her arrival was the stepping-off point to the unrest within the Sister Wives clan.

So, Kody lambasted the viewer from Sister Wives by basically saying they don’t know what they are talking about. Kody reminds this person that the family wasn’t known on national television before Robyn joined the family.

But again, this follower didn’t need to know the family before Robyn came on board. They only had to listen to what his youngest bride said during last week’s episode.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Lets Loose

Along with picking apart the viewer who referred to their marriage, Kody Brown shared some other words of wisdom. He apparently also felt a need to pass along that “mean people suck”.

Yes, mean people tend to suck, some of the fans of the TLC series agreed with him. But they also remembered that Kody acted mean last season after he made some brutal and embarrassing statements about Meri Brown. So, it looks like even Kody Brown isn’t immune from behaving badly at times on Sister Wives.

Still, he came out swinging after a comment put him at fault for the marriage mess. But what another fan noted seemed to strike Kody as funny. That follower who talked about all the inconsistencies seen from his four ladies so far this new season.

One comment mocked the Sister Wives ladies who claimed they miss the closeness they had. But in the next breathe, they say they will never live together. The wives claimed they want “unity” but they don’t want to live in one “home”. It seems this watcher of the show saw this as funny and so did Kody Brown.

The viewer also included a picture of a celebrity whipping her head back and forth. Kody sent this out to his Sister Wives followers and said it gave him whiplash. He didn’t tell that person to not pick on his wives.

No, he shared that one and seemingly found it comical. It seemed to support Kody’s latest tale of woe on the show about his four spouses and their constant complaining.

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