‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Ladies Finally Turn the Tables on Him?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown was the apple of four sets of eyes in the early days of the TLC series but time has a way of changing things. Veteran fans of Sister Wives know all too well how the wives often coddled their shared husband during the very beginning of the Sister Wives series.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Once Had It Made?

Janelle Brown was a great fixer of things, especially when it came to finances. Meri Brown, in her role as the Sister Wives matriarch, seemed to offer strength to her shared husband. She backed him up when he set out to do something. Like taking on a fourth wife.

Christine Brown, who Kody refers to as the Sister Wives’ “fun wife,” treated him like a hungry kid coming home from school when he showed up. She waited on him, dishing out whatever he fancied eating at the time.

Then there’s Robyn, she swooned over the man she married for the longest time. Without Robyn Brown, the jealousy probably would have remained at a minimum. But, the drama brings them in, so despite whether you like Robyn or not, her presence seemed awfully important for keeping the viewers hooked.

It seemed that each wife fulfilled a need in this Sister Wives husband of four. This included Christine Brown’s mothering to the financial management of Janelle Brown. Meri acted as a life coach at times. Then of course there’s Robyn, who stayed so enamored by him that it seemed to help his ego. Well, fans agree that Christine also does okay when it comes to stroking Kody’s attention-craving behavior as well.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

All Bases Covered For Kody?

Yes, it seems the Sister Wives patriarch had all the bases covered for his needs within this plural marriage. But Kody Brown’s wives got older and like anyone else, you start to rethink things through the years.

One wife already experiences the empty nest syndrome with two other wives not far behind. The kids get older with a good number of them now adults. Meri, Janelle, and Christine seem to get a bit more independent along the way. That doesn’t mean they want out. But it does appear as if they’ve learned to get along nicely on their own. After all, the man of the house isn’t always there, he splits his time between four Sister Wives women.

If you watched the last two Sister Wives seasons, it’s easy to see how much their interactions have changed. Kody is hearing “no” from his wives a lot more than he did during the first few Sister Wives seasons. That was a word he barely ever heard in the early days of Sister Wives.

Starting with wife number one, Meri Brown. She was Papa Brown’s partner in crime, so to speak. She was his cohort and supported him when he embarked on something new. Evidence of this comes from the episodes where he pursued Robyn Brown. The Sister Wives also write about this in their book.

Meri not only picked out his fourth Sister Wives wife, but she helped pave the way for Robyn within the family. In the last few seasons, Meri Brown came into her own. She’s built a lucrative career for herself and she’s grown a lot towards her own independence.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives – Staying Put But Enjoying Independence

While the original Sister Wives matriarch says she’s going nowhere and seems to mean that, she still has a life of her own today. No one seems to be sitting home and waiting for their husband to show up anymore. Not Janelle, Meri, Robyn, or Christine, or at least that’s how it appeared in the last few seasons.

During the last season, Kody Brown blew up at Meri in the therapist’s office. She looked into the camera to say she had no idea where this came from.

Fans also saw Meri in previous seasons push the Sister Wives adults away from her B&B business. She deemed it her baby – all hers. Meri doesn’t treat Kody Brown as she once did. Maybe Kody’s blowup reflected any feelings he might have towards Meri’s independence. She stays because she wants to. But it seems as if she’s quite self-sufficient on paper when you look up her net worth.

Janelle Brown probably changed the least out of all four of the Sister Wives women when it comes to her treatment of their husband. But something is different with Janelle’s approach to her shared husband. Janelle seemed to take care of all the finances at one time for the family. But in the last few seasons, it’s Kody Brown who stresses out over money woes.

Is Janelle stepping back and letting Kody live the consequences of the move? Then there’s Christine, who usually goes out of her way to make Kody comfortable and content. In earlier seasons she would go along with Kody without questions.

But as you watched the last few seasons, you realize Christine stepped out of that role. She no longer follows Kody blindly into the world. She actually told Kody no and became a big roadblock for Kody’s dream, his one big house.

Brown family adults dancing

Heavy Duty Decisions Now Made By Kody Brown’s Wives?

Christine Brown was probably the deciding factor for Kody when he tabled the Sister Wives one big house. Yesteryear, Christine probably would give in to Kody Brown and move into his dream house, but not today.

Probably the biggest Sister Wives change came via Robyn Brown when she addresses her shared husband today vs several years ago. Robyn acted as though the world revolved around Kody when she first joined the family.

She loved the way Kody Brown took care of his wives and kids. This is what she wrote in the book the Sister Wives adults penned years back.

Back in the earlier days of the show, the Sister Wives ladies seemed to take care of many things for Kody. This took a lot of pressure off the man with four wives and 18 kids.

But, for some reason, it seems today the wives put Kody Brown in charge of many of the things they once did for him. Fans saw how this seems to be working for Kody Brown.

He’s had several outbursts at his wife individually. He also questioned his lifestyle of plural marriage. As the ladies leave Kody to fend for himself around issues he really didn’t deal with by himself before.

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