‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Sparks Big Time In-Law Problems

Sister Wives star Kody Brown doesn’t have one set of in-laws to deal with but four, one for each of his wives, and these families are huge. While the fans of the TLC reality series wait for the next season to roll out, looking back into the past may help explain some of what you see today.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Learns You Can’t Pick Your In-Laws

Kody Brown was not a favorite son-in-law for a few of his wives’ family members. One wife describes how her family railroaded her into an intervention. This happened after she married Kody Brown. At the time, she was also pregnant with her first child.

This happened at a time when Sister Wives‘ Janelle Brown felt vulnerable. Her arguments with Meri escalated. But she wouldn’t hear of leaving Kody or reverting back to her family’s arm of the LSD faith.

Then as the Sister Wives reality show came to be, in-laws galore were unhappy with what Kody Brown created. So, it appears that Kody ran against some pouting faces from a few extended family members. This happened right from the get-go of his plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Differences In Religion

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives clan belong to the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB), a fundamentalist spinoff of Mormonism. This sector of the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) religion recognizes polygamy. While Kody grew up in the mainstream LDS Church, he converted to the AUB as a young man.

Janelle Brown’s family also belongs to the mainstream LDS faith. When she announced she was converting her faith from LDS to fundamentalism, she was told that this just wasn’t a mistake, it was also a sin.

They were against her Sister Wives’ marriage to Kody from the start. Her mom also joined the AUB and became one of Kody Brown’s father’s group of wives. So, while Janelle had her mom to turn to, the rest of her family were upset with Janelle’s choice.

In the book that Kody Brown and his wives wrote years back, Janelle recalls going on a road trip to Utah with Kody and Christine Brown. While there she decided to visit her relatives. Christine and Kody dropped her off and planned to pick her up later that day. But it turned out to be a very long day for Janelle.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Kody’s wife Janelle Brown Finds She’s Center Of Intervention

Once she arrived at her family’s home in Utah, Janelle Brown describes how they herded her into the living room. Her family read Mormon scriptures to her. They wanted her to come back to their faith. Her family also told Janelle they don’t recognize her marriage to her husband Kody. They told her that her Sister Wives’ marriage was wrong and that she gave up her blessings.

Janelle also described how many of her family members didn’t talk to her and some just seemed to disown her over her marriage to Kody Brown. She is not the only wife who had a hard time with her family over belonging to the Sister Wives tribe.

Since Christine Brown comes from a long line of people within the AUB, she didn’t face family problems. The same goes for Meri Brown when taking Kody Brown as her husband.

While Robyn Brown also grew up in a polygamous household, her marriage to Kody ran into some family barriers only because of the Sister Wives show.

Robyn Brown Family Outed

Veteran fans of the Sister Wives series remember how Robyn entered the family at the same time the show rolled out. Robyn’s family, including her parents, were very private about their polygamous lifestyle.

With Robyn starring on the Sister Wives series, soon her family felt under scrutiny. Even her sisters in high school at the time became mortified she outed them to her friends.

It was unintentional, of course, but Robyn sharing her story included her life-long upbringing within plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Was Kody Brown Selfish?

Robyn Brown was aware of the possible repercussions for her family by doing TLC’s Sister Wives. She also knew about this long before her wedding.

But Robin Brown decided to go through with the show despite any problems it may cause. This hurt her family which in turn hurt Robyn. But then it suddenly turned around. Even after causing Robyn problems, Kody continued on with his TV show plans. Was this a selfish endeavor on his part?

People started to see Kody Brown and his family as nice people. They started to realize how they’re normal in almost every way. That is except that this man married four wives. Robyn said how thrilled she was when her father allowed the Sister Wives cameras to film her dance with him at her wedding. The show really helped her family as well become a bit more relaxed about their lifestyle going public.

It seemed to finally work out. In the video above, Kody Brown takes his mom, as well as his four mothers-in-law, shopping. They all happened to be in town for Mother’s Day years ago, so they accompanied their son-in-law to pick out gifts for their daughters. Can you match the moms to their Sister Wives daughters? The video could surprise you on who belongs to who.

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