‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Homes Reveal Bizarre Stuff in Background Scenes

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown and co-wives have a decade of episodes out there and it’s surprising the things you see when you look a bit closer. Through 14 seasons of the TLC series episodes, there’s bound to be stuff in the background that viewers weren’t meant to see.

Veteran viewers remember some of these items. It’s hard to forget the event years back when one Sister Wives adult left something out in the open. After it made headlines, they probably wished they hadn’t. It caused some mortifying and embarrassing social media comments as well.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Left What Behind?

Veteran Sister Wives watchers and their eagle eyes spotted things throughout the seasons that often spun weird headlines. Most everyone has items in their bedroom they wouldn’t want the public to see.

Whether it’s your tendency to pile clothes around or something personal on your nightstand, a bedroom is usually your own sacred space. But that’s not always the case in a reality show.

The Sister Wives background exposed secrets in the past. Like the time Kody Brown was in Janelle’s bedroom as she packed a suitcase. In the photo below, Kody stands with his hair in an itsy-bitsy bun.

That’s not the same man bun he sports in other pictures, which is bigger. If you undo that tiny little bun it doesn’t appear there’s enough hair to make the lush ponytail, seen in the adjacent photo.

Then behind him on the mirror is hair. Yes, a clump of blonde hair hangs in the background of this scene. Now, Janelle’s hair is also blond, but fans don’t know of Janelle wearing extensions, a fall, or any type of wig. But there is Kody with a little knot of a bun and fans surmise the rest of it is on that mirror waiting to be attached to his head.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Most Memorable Item Papa Brown Left Behind…

Probably the most memorable item left behind by the Sister Wives leader, Kody Brown, was spotted at Robyn Brown’s house. While the four co-wives as a rule stay out of each other’s bedrooms, they participated in a tour that put them in all four.

As they toured their four bedrooms on camera, the uneasiness was apparent. But it was Robyn’s bedroom that offered evidence as to why the Sister Wives ladies don’t like to enter each other’s sleeping quarters. They spotted something on Robyn’s nightstand that freaked them out… a condom.

When you look past Kody Brown and his co-wives in the Sister Wives scenes, a treasure trove of information bubbles up. From housekeeping habits of each wife to who really sacrificed the most when moving to Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown in Small House - Robyn Brown in Big House

Sister Wives: Which Co-Wife Made Biggest Sacrifice In Flagstaff Move?

Last season Kody Brown said in a rage that Robyn Brown gets the other wive’s table scraps. Fans couldn’t quite wrap their head around Kody’s angry declaration.

It’s easy to see in several of the Sister Wives episodes, that perhaps Janelle made the biggest sacrifice in their latest move. Several scenes from the show demonstrate Janelle’s tiny house in Flagstaff.

Janelle’s online posts only verify the fans’ observation. Check out the difference between Janelle’s cramped house to Robyn’s spacious home in the post above. With Janelle’s three grown boys home together during the pandemic, it looked a bit tight when it came to space.

Then look at Robyn’s Sister Wives home above. She could fit a football team in her space.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

More things You Probably Weren’t Meant to See

In the photo above Kody Brown looks to be in a serious conversation. But if you look past everything about Kody Brown, what do you see?  With all the emphasis that he put on living in nice homes, look at what he sits in? Maybe it’s time for a new chair there Papa Brown, suggest the Sister Wives enthusiasts.

If you watch carefully while cameras pan any one of the Sister Wives homes, you might spot clutter in both Janelle and Christine Brown’s house. But when it comes to Robyn and Meri Brown not only do they seem to keep a neat home, they also appear to like quality furniture.

In contrast, Both Janelle and Christine seem to furnish their homes with sturdy, yet basic furniture. Where one might say the other two co-wives appear to like the finer things in life.

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