‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Personal Hygiene Habits Twisted by Co-wife

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown and his four brides offer more personal info to the public these days and some of it seems a bit embarrassing. The latest case in point from this TLC series has to do with the Sister Wives patriarch.

Sister Wives: Rub-A-Dub-Dub Kody Brown Avoids Tub?

The personal hygiene habits of Kody Brown didn’t start as an online rumor. No, this came to light when one of his Sister Wives co-wives brought it to the public’s attention.

Christine Brown’s complaint stems from back in the days when Kody had only three wives. But these three ladies lived under one roof.

It seems Christine felt slighted and it caused her to carry this heartache through the decades. She has a nagging thorn in her side from back when Kody never showered at her house.

But, this brings up all kinds of questions for the viewers of the Sister Wives series. It seems the bathing habits of a man who rotates sleeping with three, and then four women are rather important.

But what’s behind the complaints today from the third bride of the Sister Wives clan? Does Christine need to know Kody really did take a shower? Or is the complaint more along the lines that he’s not feeling at home when at her house?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown -Robyn Brown

Squeaky Clean… For What Reason?

Put yourself in the place of one of the Sister Wives women for a minute. You know Kody Brown comes to you from an overnight stay with one of the other co-wives. If he shows up with tools in tow to fix the drip in the bathroom sink, then bathing is probably not an issue.

But, if Kody shows up to service one of the Sister Wives ladies with his nighttime husbandly duties, then a shower is a must. Is Christine peeved about her shared husband’s lack of showering before bedtime or is this something completely different?

It seems that back when they all shared one house, Christine Brown believes that her hubby Kody Brown didn’t treat her space as his home. So, apparently, the act of showering for cleanliness isn’t the point. Treating his third bride’s section in the house as just a stopover was at the center of her gripe.

Christine gives his showering ritual as her excuse for not wanting the Sister Wives tribe all in Kody’s one big dwelling.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Sings a Different Tune About Shower

When they all lived in their Lehi Utah house together, before Robyn joined, the entrance to Christine’s house was the backdoor. She claims Kody Brown made his way through both Meri and Janelle’s area of the Sister Wives home first before getting to her.

This all sounds strange to many Sister Wives followers. Everyone got a look at Kody’s proposed big house. Each one of the sections has its own entrances. Since the house would be brand new, they’d all have state-of-the-art showers. So, the gripe wouldn’t be an issue in Papa’s dream house.

Still, the patriarch thinks this has nothing to do with his bathing habits. He claims he did shower at Christine’s place. He thinks she twisted this to make it sound negative. So, when she brings this up on this week’s episode, Kody Brown describes what you are really seeing.

He admits he did tend to bathe at Meri’s place more often. That’s only because she went to work first. But he had breakfast in Christine’s space daily before he left for work. Then Kody Brown said, “So it’s not about the one home thing — it’s about how she has twisted our past and made it negative.”

Even Mundane Task Source of Jealousy?

Christine claims the fix for this didn’t emerge until Robyn joined the family. She tells the TLC series camera she complained to Robyn. Apparently, the youngest of the spouses from the Sister Wives brood talked to their hubby. So, that’s when he changed his showering habits to include cleaning himself at Christine Brown’s place as well.

Now, do all the Sister Wives fans feel better knowing where Kody washes off the day’s activities? Probably not. For some, this might even promote a visual they can live without. But this seems to indicate how even the most mundane things, like a shower, cause jealousy among the four ladies who married Kody Brown.

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