‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Flips Wig – Look Where it Lands

Sister Wives fans have been fixated on Kody Brown‘s hair this season as at times he looks like a dandelion gone to seed. Or at least that’s what the folks across the social media platforms have to say. Then the man-bun proved too much for some fans as well. People are even suggesting that Kody Brown’s hair get its own show.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Has Traveling Hair?

While his hair didn’t get its own show, it looks like it may have it’own perch. In a recent online post, it looks like Kody’s second wife Janelle may be packing a bag for the Sister Wives patriarch. Where he’s going or even if he’s going somewhere is not the point of the buzz online. It looks like the background of the photo gathers more interest than the man with four wives.

Kody Brown is sporting that famous man-bun in the pic but it looks like the origin of his straggly hair is right behind him. There, hanging off the corner of the bedroom dresser mirror is a wig. It’s not just any wig. This hairpiece looks rather messy and it’s blond. Could this be Kody Brown’s wig?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Janelle Brown

Home is Where You Hang Your Hair?

The image online is posted with a question, apparently from a Sister Wives Follower. Folks want to know if this is Kody’s or Janelle’s wig hanging off that bedroom mirror. Since Kody Brown shares all four master bedrooms in his wives’ four separate homes, you can’t be sure who the wig belongs to.

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Take a look at the wig above and then Kody Brown below with his hair down. Kody’s hair looks to have the same straggly consistency as the wig. While the wig looks a bit lighter, that could be because the sunlight is streaming through the window and illuminating the hairpiece.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Kody’s Hair-Raising Event?

While you can make the case that it’s Janelle’s bedroom so the wig could be hers, that’s still a hard sell. Fans know that Janelle keeps her hair meticulously neat. But compare it to the picture of Kody below and it could be a hairpiece he clips underneath his own hair to make it look fuller?

OK, it doesn’t look as if the Sister Wives star is sporting a wig as his hairline is so well defined. But fans had fun online taking a swat at Kody Brown. Especially once someone spotted that wig in the background of the pic. You can check out Kody’s hair both down and then up in his man-bun in the video below.

Another thing that sticks out of this Sister Wives post – it’s a bit messy in that bedroom. Is Janelle pulling her drawers apart while packing to go somewhere?

What’s that huge blue thing reflected in the same mirror with the hanging wig? Sometimes you can find the strangest things in the background of a pic or video. That crop of mangled-looking hair is one of those rather bizarre finds.

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