‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Grosses Out the Kids with Wiping Etiquette

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown had a thing going on with toilet paper during Sunday night’s episode that sparked the ick-factor for his kids. Some viewers of the Sister Wives series asked if Kody conjured this up for ratings. This graphic lesson on the use of toilet paper doesn’t seem like a traditional talk a parent has with a group of kids. Kody Brown’s lesson also included offering the correct number of squares involved in wiping etiquette.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Sets Four or Five Square Limit

The kids seemed grossed out and they made it clear that they wanted to skip Kody’s toilet paper 101 class. His TP lesson came complete with demonstrations. But the Sister Wives father of 18 insisted it was crucial at this time.

Kody’s talk occurred at the beginning of the pandemic last year when the toilet paper shelves stood empty. But another reason popped up to explain why he insisted on rationing the squares.

It seems even Kody Brown finally realized how ridiculous he looked to the kids and the Sister Wives audience. So he came up with another reason besides conserving the bathroom tissue due to the lack of it at the stores. It seems as if Kody Brown was on a roll (no pun intended).

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Kody Lays It On Thick

The Sister Wives dad talked to the teenagers and Truely Brown, who is only 10, at Christine Brown’s house. Without mentioning a name Kody told a story of the perils of using too much toilet paper for one sitting.

It seems that Kody had to plunge into a toilet recently and what he found astonished him. Someone, again no names mentioned, used a wad of bathroom tissue after doing their business. This is what plugged up the toilet and this caused Kody to talk about its usage with his kids.

Next came the demonstrations from the Sister Wives patriarch. First, Kody held up one square and admitted that this is not enough for a thorough wiping.

He also told them there’s a skill to finding just the right amount of squares per wipe. First of all, Kody tells his Sister Wives brood, that you don’t want the toilet paper too thin so that your fingers go through it. So for that reason, you do need more than one or two squares folded together, suggested Kody Brown.

This got quite the reaction from the kids. A couple of the kids, now a captive audience for their SW father, covered their eyes. All of them made some type of moan indicating some embarrassment caused by Kody’s teaching methods.

Each time Kody Brown referred to the amount of the squares, he’d unroll more of the toilet paper he had in his hand. The Sister Wives self-appointed TP instructor even unrolled too much to demonstrate what a toilet-plugging amount looks like. Words like “wipe” and “clean bottom” came out of his mouth as he made his points about TP etiquette.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives Confessions: Overindulging In Toilet Paper

The Sister Wives ladies contributed the toilet paper perils. This seemed just as informative as Kody Brown’s demonstration. A couple of the wives confessed on camera to their overindulgence when using bathroom tissue.

Sister Wives enthusiasts learned that Robyn Brown likes a good wad of the stuff when taking care of her bathroom business. Janelle actually hoards toilet paper so she can use as much as she wants.

After seeing all of this, maybe it’s a blessing for Kody Brown’s kids to school from home right now. Can you imagine walking through the halls of a high school after your parents did this on national television?

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