‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Emergency Moving Company Highlights Lack of Planning

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown has made a mockery out of himself online with a season that covers the Brown family, who seem stuck in transit. A good number of comments indicate the viewers of the Sister Wives series believe Kody Brown’s lack of planning put his family on this crazy merry-go-round.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Moving Services?

In real-time it’s going on two years that Kody Brown started to pull up stakes in Vegas. This was a place that all four of the Sister Wives women and their kids were happy. Along with all the unhappiness and upheaval these moves created, it sounds as if this left them in one financial bind as well.

It was such a waste of money moving four households not once, but several times. Kody Brown didn’t mind sharing how all this cost him big time.

He recently shared his dilemma regarding his Sister Wives’ finances with the world. On one of the latest episodes, he yells into the camera that if he stayed in Vegas he would have saved a fortune.

In real-time, the Sister Wives sit with two rental homes and two homes they own. Not to mention Coyote Pass and another building lot next to the house Robyn Brown just purchased. So that makes five vacant building lots altogether.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Moving Truck

Emergency Moving a Specialty of this Virtual Company

If this is the first season of Sister Wives you’ve watched it must be hard to figure out what the show is all about. As one online comment suggests… “It’s a show about this family constantly moving or talking about moving.”

Another creative Sister Wives follower started a Kody Brown-Sister Wives moving company for the virtual world to take a look at. It’s not just a traditional moving company they conjured up. No, it looks like Kody Brown & Company specializes in emergency moving services.

That’s probably for the ideal moving company for the folks who need to pull out of town under the darkness of night. That’s pretty much what Kody Brown and his Sister Wives clan did when they left Utah for good. Of course, they had the law on their heels at the time because of their polygamy lifestyle.

Kody Brown collects no sympathy for shuffling his family around. Fans indicate this with the comments posted under the creative moving truck above.

These comments represent some of the lighter jabs at Papa Brown. Other Sister Wives enthusiasts hopped online to share some rather disparaging comments as well.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Family Flagstaff Move

Sister Wives: Fans Lambasted Kody Brown

It seems like the majority of the online commenters suggest that Kody acts before he thinks. So now as his family unravels, they believe he doesn’t have anyone to blame but himself.

But wait, another theorized move is on the horizon. Now that Utah’s newest laws render it a state without fear of prosecution for polygamists, will Kody go back there? He loves Utah and so does the four women who married Kody Brown.

Is this the reason why not so much as one shovelful of dirt is turned over yet on Coyote Pass? The building lots remain vacant today. Will Kody turn a profit now that his land went up in value and use that profit or a Utah move?

Kody himself reports that’s a “no”. It seems that ship sailed a while ago for the Sister Wives father of 18. But… this is Kody Brown who seems to act on a whim at times. If the price is right and it means he’ll be near people who belong to their faith, well, who knows?

If he did decide to move, the online world has a company all set up for him. But since it’s a virtual moving business it won’t do him much good. Except it might make him realize just how ridiculous he looks carrying boxes in and out of Flagstaff houses.

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