‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Drops Ball on Big Money Maker?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to pride himself on his money-making expertise but it appears he dropped the ball on a lucrative business. The now-famous Brown family has hundreds of thousands of followers collected on their social media sites. It seems only one wife saw the benefit of this and used the fan base to her advantage.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Missed the Boat?

Kody Brown has a treasure trove of information at his fingertips as the Sister Wives fan base actually gives him some terrific ideas. The Brown family once offered My Sister Wife’s Closet, an online store.

While the message you get when you click onto the site today indicates they’re revamping, it’s been that way for almost two years. So most fans assume the Sister Wives tribe closed it down for good.

It seems the website was Robyn Brown’s baby. But she was taken back a bit when she asked Kody and her co-wives for help and they basically told her she’s on her own. Although, with Kody Brown’s marketing strategy, that store should be up, running, and selling like gang-busters.

Meri Brown successfully tapped into her fans by selling them a brand of clothing. She is considered one of the top sales reps with the company today. So she saw the ready-made customer base. Now, why doesn’t Kody Brown, the fans ask today.

Sister Wives: My Sister Wife's Closet

A Successful Business Listens to Their Customers

With a click of his finger, the Sister Wives patriarch can find the map to a pot of gold that’s at the ready for the taking. Fans didn’t like what My Sister Wife’s Closet offered when it opened up. Complaints ranged from not enough variety to merchandise that lacked appeal to the average person.

In a recently detailed chatfest, followers offered up a ton of ideas for their store to succeed. Starting with taking a look at Kody Brown and his four wives. Take into consideration that each demonstrates distinctly different tastes. From the clothes that they wear to the bobbles they have around their homes… all seem very different.

Most of the fans have their favorite spouse from the Sister Wives series as well. It seems the fans of this TLC reality series think Kody Brown needs to consider all these above factors before attempting to sell merchandise.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Give Them Each Their Own Closet

Those who love the Sister Wives show want merchandise that reminds them of their favorite family member. One suggestion that quickly picked up a lot of “Likes” online was to create four separate My Sister Wife’s Closets and then make a fifth one for Kody with a catchy title.

These separate sections for the wives’ merchandise should be offered on their website. More importantly, they should be filled with merchandise that you’d expect from that wife. The same goes for selling things under Kody’s name.

Fans chimed in with ideas of t-Shirts that display some of their sayings. Or possibly sell items seen displayed around each of the Sister Wives homes. The sky is the limit when you think about it.

Janelle and Meri seem to be the dog lovers in the family, so even a line of collars and leashes might work. Christine always seems to be in the kitchen. So who better than her for selling helpful gadgets for cooking. Since Robyn is the mom to the youngest kids, even a line of educational toys would work for her section.

As far as Kody goes, he seems to own more plaid shirts than a lumberjack, so a line of Kody shirts might work well. The suggestions the fans make online sound good. The items they suggest also sound like items you’d expect to see when visiting Brown’s online store.

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