‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Disappears as the Going Gets Tough?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown appears to have the tendency to do the same thing when the going gets tough in the TLC show’s episodes. It looks like he’s doing that again, which offers a bit of an insight on what to expect as the season winds down.

Kody Brown is no novice when it comes to being the target of angry comments from Sister Wives fans. He could be the nicest person in the world but because of his lifestyle, some people would despise him just the same.

But on top of this, the Sister Wives patriarch offers even more reasons to dislike him recently. The treatment of his wives on the TLC show has the fans outraged.

Sister Wives: How Does Kody Brown Get Away With This?

Many people just cannot wrap their heads around a man with four wives. But it seems that even more people find it harder to understand the four wives’ part in all this.

How can four intelligent women agree to live the Sister Wives lifestyle? This question surfaces many times over the decade of the TLC show’s seasons.

A married man finding love in another woman’s arms is often grounds for divorce in monogamous marriages. Yet under the umbrella of religion, Kody Brown manages to keep four women faithful to him and only him, despite openly sleeping with all of them.

Then to top it off, he throws around a motto that he believes offers a rational reason for his lifestyle. Kody Brown’s famous words – “Love should be multiplied and not divided” become harder to buy for the Sister Wives viewers these days.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Aurora Brown - Kody Brown

Motto Collapsing With Each Passing Episode

With each passing episode, it looks as if Kody brushes up on love’s division rather than a multiplication table. With just a few episodes left in this season of Sister Wives, the previews suggest Kody Brown is going out with a bang.

Kody Brown’s behavior on the Sister Wives show is like a volcano building up with pressure and about to blow. The things he’s said in recent episodes even stun his wives. Now he has his wives suggesting he lacks a filter for his thoughts. Although, Christine Brown suggests a muzzle in the next episode.

When he first started this battle with his wives over property on Coyote Pass he said some things that weren’t very nice. Now that he’s fighting with Robyn Brown over purchasing a house vs. a rental, he upped the ante on letting his anger get the best of him.

When Sister Wives season 14 first rolled out, Kody hopped on Twitter during the episodes. He narrated his thoughts about the things seen on screen.

But as the season rolled along, Kody’s anger caused some less-than-stellar treatment to his wives. After the last few episodes of Sister Wives aired, Kody Brown was slammed by viewers online.

Sister Wives: When the Going Gets Tough Kody Disappears

When things get too dicey Kody has the tendency to disappear from social media. Kody posted weekly since the beginning of this season. But now he’s stopped. This seems to coincide with online comments over his blowups at his Sister Wives ladies.

Then when Robyn’s daughter Aurora Brown suffered a panic attack on-screen, Kody really blew it with the fans. He said that they didn’t do this to Aurora, which caused the flood gates to open.

Right after that, the comments from fans got even nastier over his behavior. But apparently, he attempted damage control when he posted a clip of a man telling a story online.

That clip came with a message not to judge someone because you might not know the entire story. It seemed as if Kody was saying how the viewers of Sister Wives only saw part of what went on.

But now, almost two weeks have passed since Kody posted anything else. He remains quiet on social media. But fan’s comments still flood in.

The new previews offer a glimpse of the up-and-coming episodes. They seem to offer enough evidence that Kody’s behavior will entice even more angry comments. So, he probably will continue to remain mum on social media.

As he mows down anything in his way to get Robyn to buy a house, he pushes the envelope. He’s even saying things that shock Robyn in front of the kids in the next episode.

So if his behavior is any indication, Kody should remain quiet online because the fans for sure will have something to say to the father of 18.

New episodes of the TLC series roll out on Sunday nights at 10 pm EST.

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