‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Degrading Words Defended by Each Wife?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown doesn’t have a filter, or so his wives say when giving him a pass on something he said awful about one of them. Fans of the TLC show know that Kody has offered up some whoppers along the way. This Sister Wives patriarch has aimed some horrendous verbal slams at his wives over the years. But they seem to excuse Kody and they even make light of some of his nasty comments.

Maybe you can chalk it up to the unconditional love the Sister Wives seem to practice. But Kody Brown offered some humdingers about his wives that made jaws drop for anyone within earshot. One of the more recent cringe-worthy scenes came out of the last season. But other events date back into the past.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Annihilates Meri Brown

Kody Brown did a number on Meri Brown in the therapist’s office. He said she manipulated him into marriage. Fans came on fast and furious as they thought he talked about her as if she were some evil person.

Sister Wives fans chatted this scene up for months. This started a tsunami of pleas for Meri to jump ship. But she didn’t and as she said over the weekend, she loves him and she’s staying. Meri spun quotes that suggested she suffered sadness and loneliness since the last Sister Wives season ended.

Fans ran with this believing she prepared herself for stepping off Kody Brown’s radar. But her latest declaration seems to give her husband of 30 years a pass. Over the weekend Meri said that they have their hard times like most families.

While she didn’t mention Kody’s less than stellar comments from the therapist’s office, fans thought she had that incident in mind. So, Kody’s apparently excused from shooting off his mortifying thoughts about Meri in this public venue, which is an episode of the Sister Wives series.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown

Christine Brown Grossed Him Out

This wasn’t the first time that Kody Brown insulted one of his wives in public. All four of them had their day when it comes to their Sister Wives’ husband making his thoughts public knowledge.

This type of public display from the Sister Wives shared husband came out in episodes, in stories he told on the show, during the Sister Wives “Tell All”, and in a book that the spouses penned together many moons ago.

Christine Brown heard Kody Brown tell this mortifying story. He said when they were getting to know each other, he took a road trip with Janelle and Christine. The future third wife of the Sister Wives brood sat in the back seat. When they stopped at a roadside service station with a convenience store inside, Christine ran in and got nachos.

Kody described it as a huge helping of Nachos and cheese. When they started on their road trip once again, Kody Brown glanced in the rearview mirror.  He described seeing this chunky young woman munching down on these nachos with cheese all over the place. He was grossed out and he cooled his heels on pursuing Christine for his Sister Wives clan.

When Christine heard him tell the story she said she had no idea that Kody felt that way about her before she became a Sister Wives bride. But she made light of Kody’s story, again as Meri did recently. Both seemed to give Kody Brown a pass. Christine made it into almost nothing, she took it very lightly.

Sister Wives: Patriarch Saw ‘Ick Factor’ For Robyn Brown

Robyn came into the Sister Wives marriage as a divorced woman with three kids. She didn’t have any money but she loved Kody Brown. During a “Tell All” Kody claimed when he first heard of Robyn’s status as divorced, the ick factor popped up.

The woman doing the interviewing was mortified, she said to Kody that Robyn just cringed when he said that.  Instead of Robyn getting up and leaving the Sister Wives set, as fans wished she had at the time, she defended Kody to the end.

Robyn talked over everyone saying Kody had a lot on his plate at the time. She said he worked do hard for his Sister Wives’ big family. So a woman and three new kids would also bring a lot of work. Apparently, she thought Kody was in his right to tag her with the ick factor.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Janelle Brown – No Romantic Love With Kody Brown?

Janelle Brown seemed awarded the most respect out of the wives by their shared husband. She didn’t get verbally dragged through the mud like her Sister Wives cohorts. No, Kody never tagged her with being chunky or claimed she grossed him out as he did with Christine.

This shared husband from Sister Wives never degraded Janelle with an ick factor description. He also never suggested she tricked him into marriage as he said about Meri. But he made it clear how Janelle came off to him more like one of the guys than a romantic interest. Even Janelle said this from time to time.

Janelle admitted romantic love wasn’t there between herself and Kody Brown. They didn’t have a traditional marriage where romance came first. No, she was in love with the principal. So, Janelle wasn’t targeted by her shared husband with some nasty thoughts like the other three Sister Wives ladies. But Kody made it known they had a more friend-like relationship.

When this came up, Janelle agreed with Kody. But this Sister Wives couple did have six kids together. So something resembling romance took place at least six times. But Janelle always seemed fine with this relationship, which she said finally bloomed into love years after they were married.

There you have it, four Sister Wives women all standing by their man. And he’s a man seemingly without a filter at times, as the ladies often say about him. But when he does spew forth something cringe-worthy, his four wives all seem unbelievably forgiving when it comes to the man they all married.

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