‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Daughter Infatuated with Landscaper?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown thought he had his hands full with his little kids years ago, but now that they’re older, bigger stuff surfaces. Most of the time, fans see the Sister Wives kids as a great bunch of young adults. But once in a while, one of them displays less than stellar behavior and draws attention.

Sister Wives: No Babies Left For Kody Brown

Kody Brown’s children were mostly all young when the Sister Wives series first aired on TLC over a decade ago. Today he only has three offspring under the age of 15. That’s Truely, who is 10, Solomon, 9, and Ariella, who will turn 5 next month.

Then Breanna, 15, Savanah, 16, and Ysabel, 17, are not far behind when it comes to nearing legal adult age. The rest of his children are young men and women.

Several of the Sister Wives kids are out of the house and on their own.  Some of them married, and others live with their significant others with a future marriage in the works.

So with 10 children, either 18 or older, the Sister Wives family consists of mostly an adult brood today. One of these young adults made headlines recently.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown

Gwendlyn Brown Is 18 and Outspoken

Up until several months ago, Gwendlyn Brown interacted with her Sister Wives fans by sharing photos of herself. TLC followers thought many of her poses showed a beautiful young woman with model-like qualities.

Then it seems Gwendlyn found her voice and advocated for a few causes near and dear to her. But while doing this, she turned a lot of fans off. Not because of who or what she spoke about. Instead, it was about how Kody’s daughter delivered her thoughts.

This Sister Wives young lady publicly fought with one of Kody’s sons over this cause as well. She lit into her brother after he voiced his opinion. Still, again, she had a right to share her thoughts.

But the often coarse language she used soured some folks. Then she seemed to calm down for a while. This Sister Wives teen engaged people with chats about her family. That is until recently when she dangled a carrot of controversy.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Solomon Brown - Gwendlyn Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: One Daughter Who Craves Attention?

It was Gwendlyn Brown who let the Sister Wives fans know that the entire family spent Christmas together. Then she gave a thank you shout out to all the people who worked this holiday season.

It seemed she included everyone from Walmart workers to emergency medical personal. She even thanked those keeping the gas stations open with her list full of gratitude for all the people who made life easier during the holidays.

When Kody’s daughter thanked the “weed man,” people took notice. Some believed this Sister Wives offspring thanked the guy who manicured their lawn. But others think it’s a different type of weed she meant.

Maybe a decade ago, this would raise eyebrows, but since many states have legalized or decriminalized other types of grass, it’s not as big a deal. If this was what Gwendlyn meant, it wasn’t as controversial as it might have been years ago. Although if she said this to get folks talking, she succeeded.

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