‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Celebrates Valentines Day – Robyn Breaks Family Rule On PDA

Sister Wives’ husband of four Kody Brown walks a thin line every Valentine’s Day, especially now with is wife Robyn Brown. It’s hard enough for a man in a monogamous marriage to ace the holiday of love and it’s even more difficult for a polygamous husband. So, Kody and his wives decided long ago to make this holiday family-friendly and all-inclusive. This way all the wives and all the kids don’t feel slighted by the outward displays of love and affection.

The Browns also have adopted a few fun traditions along the way. In fact, one that seems to be a family favorite was introduced by Robyn Brown. However this past Valentine’s Day, Robyn broke one of the most important unwritten Brown family rules.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Showers Wives With Flowers

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is careful on Valentine’s Day to show each of his four wives an equal outpouring of love. So all four of his brides each receive a beautiful arrangement of flowers. The bouquets are quite elaborate but each slightly different usually showcasing each wife’s individual favorite flowers. No doubt it is an awkward holiday for a plural family but somehow But, Kody Brown and family figured a way to make the day special for all.

The Sister Wives kids are also included in Kody Brown’s display of love. Not only does Kody get each wife a gorgeous bouquet, but he also gets every one of his kids and grandkids a special gift bag. So, Kody is one very busy man each February 14th. Valentine’s Day at the Browns is certainly a big deal.

Robyn Brown Responsible For Valentine’s Day Tradition

Robyn Brown joined the Sister Wives family as the fourth wife 10 years ago. Now she is Kody’s legal wife. Over the years we can see how Robyn changed the family not only in structure but in other ways both positive ad negative. One of the more fun changes Robyn brought to the family was fondue for Valentine’s Day.

Once the family experienced the fun of dipping bread, veggies, fruit, and other snacks into hot melted cheese or chocolate there was no turning back. So each year as they gather to celebrate Valentine’s Day, they munch on fondue while everyone receives their tokens of affection in the form of flowers and gifts from Kody Brown, the doting dad of 18 and husband of four.


Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Breaks Family Rule On PDA

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown broke one of the family’s most important rules on displaying affection. The Browns have long maintained that the wives and Kody Brown refrain from showing affection to each other in front of each other. However, Robyn blatantly broke that rule as we all will see in this week’s episode. After Robyn received her bouquet of flowers from Kody, she gave him a hug and kiss in front of the entire family. Clearly it was a shock to Meri, Janelle, and Christine.

However, Robyn defended her actions in her confessional interview. She says she should be able to thank her husband with a kiss if she so desires. Additionally, Robyn says it was not a big deal to embrace and kiss her husband as a thank you.

Robyn also asked her Sister Wives if they would like Kody Brown to be more openly affectionate. And by a show of hands, Christine and Janelle said they would. They agreed they would be fine witnessing their husband being romantic with another wife. The only wife that seems to have an issue these days with open affection is Meri Brown. Probably because her relationship with Kody is far from romantic these days

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