‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Buys Even More Land – What’s Papa Up To Now?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown owns four vacant building lots with no money to build, but yet, he buys another plot of land in Flagstaff. What’s up with that?

Kody Brown dropped a clue suggesting the direction of his future plans. This includes an extra lot of land he recently purchased. It seems after the dust settled on the mess seen on the on Sister Wives episodes this season, Kody made one heck of a purchase.

Sister Wives: What is Kody Brown Thinking – More Land?

Sister Wives followers already know that Robyn Brown ended up buying a house. Her miracle of a rental home just never materialized.

So even though they’re counting their pennies, the Sister Wives patriarch purchased a house for Robyn. But it’s a lavish home that cost them just under a million bucks.

Then, at the same time, it looks like Kody Brown purchased another lot to erect a house. That piece of land is adjacent to Robyn’s new Sister Wives home. So why did Kody buy this parcel when he has four sitting vacant on Coyote Pass?

No one knows what direction Kody Brown’s compass points in these days. Even his Sister Wives ladies need help in navigating his many ideas. It seems his future plans and the many changes he makes confuses the ladies from Sister Wives.

But it did seem odd that the supposedly cash-strapped family purchased a home for almost a million dollars. But it didn’t stop there. Then on top of that,  Kody adds the cost of another lot to build on into the mix.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown


Land Rich But Money Poor?

The empty plot of land is owned by Robyn Brown and Kody Brown. On Flagstaff land documents it shows he purchased the land next to the house he bought for Robyn. But interest in this land purchase brings up more than the price. What is Kody planning to do with this land?

Kody Brown never mentioned buying this extra building lot. Even when the news spread across social media that Robyn purchased her new house, he kept quiet. But it shows up in the Sister Wives husband’s list of property holdings in Flagstaff.

Months and months went by without a mention of this extra land. Then finally this week Kody seemed to drop a blurb on social media about this new piece of real estate. Kody Brown talked about the latest Sister Wives house he purchased for Robyn. This got him started on how he misses his adult kids who live far away.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown


Sister Wives: Now the Story Spins

So, if the Sister Wives women can’t follow Kody, who’s all over the place plans, then the fans sure can’t. Some of the adult kids live in other states. Such as Maddie Brown Brush and Aspyn Brown Thompson.

Kody Brown hopes someday some or all of them will move to Flagstaff to be near the family. After this, the Sister Wives papa shared these hopes for the future, he writes, “Hence the extra land in Flagstaff, AZ”.

So, if he plans for one of his kids to possibly build in Flagstaff one day, does this make sense? Why wouldn’t he purchase land next to the four lots they already own?

It’s not as if Coyote Pass land is all sold. Kody previously bugged his friends to buy parcels of property for sale on Coyote Pass.

So, why wouldn’t he do the same? Instead, the leader of the Sister Wives tribe buys the land next to Robyn’s house. There’s one problem though. As far as fans learned from the show, this is supposedly just her temporary home.

His wives and his fans don’t know what Kody Brown has up his sleeve next. But from the looks of things, this guy appears property-rich. Despite his constant complaining on camera that his finances are such a mess, Kody now owns one more vacant lot.

Watch Kody Brown in the next TLC series episode, Sunday night at 10 pm EST. Maybe he’ll drop a clue on the future use of all his land.

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