‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Bitten and Chewed up by Dog Lovers

Sister Wives star Kody Brown sealed his fate with dog lovers across the nation as he said owning a dog is an inconvenience on his TLC series. Fans often call the Sister Wives patriarch selfish. But his attitude on the latest episode had fans pointing to a few incidents that looked like he only thought of himself.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Pours It On Thick

While Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown all have dogs, Robyn doesn’t. But it’s not from the lack of enthusiasm for the four-legged creatures at her Sister Wives’ house. Her kids want a dog but Kody said no. He claims they get hair all over his clothes.

Apparently dogs present as an inconvenience for the head of the Sister Wives clan. With the COVID-19 virus keeping the families all in their separate homes, they don’t celebrate birthdays together as they usually do. So, Robyn attempts to make it up to one of her teen daughters.

She thought if she received something special this year it might help take away the sting of a lonely birthday party. The teen wanted a dog. But that was a big “no” from Kody.

He described all the ways he’d be affected by a dog in the house, which included hair all over the Sister Wives father. So, that idea was canned even before a real discussion could play out.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

What Does This Say About Hubby’s Living Situation?

For those folks who wonder where Kody Brown really lives, it seems this dog thing gave it away. Kody said he now goes between Christine and Robyn’s house every three or so days. During the pandemic, Kody doesn’t go to Janelle’s, which was a decision this Sister Wives mom made on her own.

Janelle’s two teen boys go out every day. One of them heads to work and one hangs out with friends. So she worried that her family unit was more vulnerable to the virus. Or at least more so than the other Sister Wives tribal members where the families stay put. So she asked Kody to stay away for the next few weeks to keep the other families safe.

Due to their marital problems Meri Brown is off Kody’s rotation schedule. From what he says, she’s been off the schedule for a long time now. So he divides his time during the pandemic going between Christine and Janelle Brown’s house, he said.

But if these two homes have a dog or two, why can’t his youngest bride get one for her five kids? This leads some fans to believe the chatter that Kody Brown lives almost full-time at Robyn Brown’s place. If he considers all the Sister Wives’ ladies’ homes like they’re his as well, then no one should have a dog going by his theory. But they do.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Viewers Slam Kody Brown

It seems Kody Brown missed the mark when describing what owning a dog is like. Sister Wives followers hopped online to tell him the love and affection a canine offers people. They told him he was selfish and also to get over himself.

They also had some fun tossing zingers his way. While Kody talked himself down a few notches with animal lovers, the viewers had a field day with some other aspects of Sunday night’s episode.

It looked as if Kody Brown, the head of the Sister Wives clan retreated, to the garage to give his talk on the camera. The entire time he talked, the electric garage door motor hovered over his head. Kody started his “log” with the date and time, in a mode almost like 007. But most of all people verbally jabbed at him over his excuses for not having a dog.

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