‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Big Mansion in New Season? Daughter Gwendlyn Brown Hopes It’s ‘Cool’

Sister Wives fans can watch Kody Brown and his four wives navigate last season’s eyebrow-raising cliffhangers when the new season rolls out. As finally, someone in the Kody Brown family confirmed a new season is on the way.

The cameras now following the Sister Wives clan already offer one huge clue to a new season in the works. But no one from Kody’s family, as well as TLC, has confirmed a new season – up until now.

Sister Wives: Daughter of Kody Brown and Christine Brown Shares Family Dynamics

“From the mouths of babes,” or so the saying goes. Well, that’s just how the latest Sister Wives reveal emerged. Christine Brown and Kody Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn Brown, 16, offered some great information in her recent question and answer post online. Including a blurb about Papa Brown’s big mansion dream.

The first thing you notice about Gwendlyn Brown’s personality is that she has a terrific sense of humor. She is that apple that didn’t fall far from the tree, with that tree being Christine Brown. Yep, this teen has that friendly and funny personality that emerges from her mom. So what did Gwendlyn Brown reveal about her family that make up the show Sister Wives?

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown


Gwendlyn Brown Offers One-Word – ‘Yes’

In this Instagram post, Brown’s beautiful teen daughter beckons her fans to ask her a question. Gwendlyn’s social media followers obliged with a ton of questions. They spanned topics like her favorite peanut butter consistency (chunky or smooth) to how she and the Sister Wives brood like Flagstaff.

Many of the questions popping up in the teen’s Q&A post connect more with other teens. But there were a few questions in which she offered some news about Kody Brown and her Sister Wives moms.

When asked about another season of the show, Gwendlyn offers a one-word hint – “yes”. So it looks like she’s confirmed another Sister Wives season is on the way. But what about that big mansion that Kody Brown put on blueprints last season?


Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Getting that Big Mansion?

Kody Brown was overly enthused by the blueprints he had drawn up for one big mansion that would put a single roof over the entire family. His Sister Wives house contains four apartment-like sections, one for each wife and their offspring.

Smack dab in the middle of the home is a ballroom-size great room. This is where Kody can spend time with all his children, or so the dream goes.

In this Kody Brown humongous house, Meri Brown would occupy the smallest space. She’s alone with her only daughter living in Chicago for school. Robyn gets the lion’s share of room in Kody Brown’s dream house as her kids are all still home.

Some of the questions that people asked Gwendlyn just can’t answer, like if the moms know about Kody Brown’s ideas for a big mansion. But she said writes “(I hope the house is cool though)” leaving some fans thinking that big house is in for the Brown clan. Why else would she hope it’s cool?

Tidbits: Dinner, Public Places, Spirit Talks to Mom, Pros and Cons of Big Family

Besides learning a new season of Sister Wives is coming, Gwendlyn Brown told fans a little about herself and her family in this Q&A post. Asked if she’s noticed in public, the teen said that it’s only when she tags along with one of her parents. It seems people always notice her dad, Kody Brown.

The 16-year-old also shares that once her mom laughs or raises her voice people do realize who she is. That’s when folks swarm around them. Also she wants folks to know how the family welcomes anyone who wants to approach them to say hi.

As far as polygamy goes, while this teen loves her Sister Wives dad and four moms, it’s not for her. She admits jealousy would take over and that’s not for her. She also shared how Christine Brown picked out her name Gwendlyn. The teen writes that a spirit talked to her mom giving her that name. She also weighed the pros and cons for such a large family – but the pros won out hands down.

Sister Wives: From the Mouth of Babes

The teen shared how she has more than one option about what she wants to eat for dinner. Sister Wives viewers witnessed how all the moms welcome any of the kids to their homes for dinner. So if Christine makes fish sticks and Gwendlyn fancies the mac and cheese served at another moms’ house, the option is there.

The cons of a large family? It sounds like she’s missing the ones that have moved away. There you have it, Gwendlyn Brown shares some Sister Wives tidbits about the new season, a possible big mansion for Kody Brown and the life she loves with one dad and four moms.

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