‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown and Robyn Tweet a Recipe for Hurt Feelings?

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Robyn Brown seemed to show a bit of favoritism in a tweet that might cause hurt feelings among their family. After all the kids chipped in to help pack and move they praised just one kid and that’s Dayton Brown.

So far that’s the extent of their thank-yous online. It seemed Kody Brown and wife number four, Robyn Brown, forgot there were other kids there helping as well.

Sister Wives: Family Affair Now ‘Rock Star’ Event?

If you watched the show on Sunday, you saw kids helping pack up the cabinets. Even the little ones put things in boxes. You also saw one kid climbing a ladder and taking down things from high off the wall. That was Gabriel Brown.

Still, only one child, Dayton Brown, got praise from Kody and Robyn online. Probably not the best parenting move when you have 18 kids.

Sister Wives: Gabriel Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Follows Robyn Brown With Retweet

Robyn Brown started her tweet claiming “our son Dayton was a rock star” when it came time for the family to move. She described how he moved stuff from morning until midnight and without him, they couldn’t have done it. The kicker was – Robyn Brown finished off the post with “he had a great attitude.”

Kody retweeted this and added, “he never missed a beat!” While Dayton deserved praise if he worked as hard as they say, it sounded like the “attitude” part might be a dig at Nathan. Especially since the tweet that follows talks about no one getting a motorcycle. This is something Nate wanted and brought up during the last Sister Wives episode.

Favoritism Heard Loud and Clear

Those folks who watched Sister Wives on Sunday got to see Nate Brown with a less than enthusiastic attitude about moving. While he did sound a bit cranky when not getting his own way, the kid is moving away from his school. He’s accomplished so much at his school in Vegas and now he has to leave and start over in a new high school. Most kids wouldn’t like this at all.

As far as Dayton is concerned, he is starting college in Arizona. So it goes without saying Dayton is more than likely invested and probably excited about this move. And most likely Robyn Brown is as well. This Flagstaff move means Dayton can live home during college. Robyn recently confirmed that’s the plan.


Sister Wives: What About the Other Kids?

Folks threw back comments at both Robyn and Kody Brown regarding the overwhelming praise they gave Dayton. The clips from Sister Wives that feature this move shows a bunch of the Brown kids helping.

Despite Dayton’s rock star-like actions, the other kids helped as well. So acknowledging everyone’s contributions sounds more like the thing to do. Especially since this move is such a hot button topic with a number of these kids.

This tweet tends to lend fuel to the fire that Robyn made the decision to move to Flagstaff and not Kody. Some of the Sister Wives viewers believe Robyn pushed Kody Brown to move the family there. They believe that Dayton attending college in that state prompted his mother to make this move.

Robyn Brown Runs the Family Through Kody Brown?

Fans believe Kody dragged the rest of the family along to Flagstaff to please his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. The comments posted online seem to indicate some viewers believe it’s Robyn calling all the shots.

After watching Sunday night’s Sister Wives show it seems they should have included the other kids as well in their tweet. A thank you to everyone who helped might have worked better. Especially after the problems that Kody Brown has with Nate adjusting to the idea of the move.

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