‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown And His ‘Sexual Smorgasbord of Duped Female Lovers’

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his polygamous partners debuted to mixed reactions from viewers audience almost a decade ago. Kody, as well as TLC, became the targets of major controversy. One report from Renew America painted the TLC show as an attempt to destroy traditional marriage. The organization said Kody had a “sexual smorgasbord of duped female lovers”.

The patriarch and his family were only two seasons into Sister Wives in 2011. Back then, the article used the terms “cult-like,” “harem,” and “concubines” to describe Kody’s lifestyle. Kody Brown was also described as a manipulator who takes advantage of “impressionable women,” by Renew America.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Had Wives Selling Jelly At Airport?

A number of reports from the early days of the show tore Kody Brown and the Sister Wives show to pieces. Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown were once seen as subservient women to the husband they shared.

The SW show eventually dispelled many of these accusations, but at one-time people were brutal. Renew America also painted a picture of the purpose of Kody Brown’s wives. The article suggested the women were used by Kody to “bear and raise his children and sell jelly at the airport.”

Bedroom Schedule – Big Then and Still Big Now

Many of the early articles about Sister Wives were fixated on the nighttime rituals of Kody Brown. Still, the members of this plural marriage reveal that remains true today. It seems the schedule for sleeping arrangements remains one of the most frequently asked questions.

In a world where the majority of marriages consist of only two people, Kody, and his wives remains a curiosity. Especially when it comes to the intimate side of their four relationships.

Kody Starts Some Controversy On His Own

Some might say that Kody Brown invited a lot of the controversy when Sister Wives first hit the screen. In 2010, this was a man with three wives and 13 kids driving a two seater expensive sports car. While driving along in the Sister Wives preview clip, he tossed out flippant remarks about his plural lifestyle.

At the time, the husband of three was prepping to take Robyn as his fourth wife. People didn’t take kindly to his line of jokes, including that he’s a “repeat offender” of marriage. People saw him as a man who thinks a lot of himself as he boasted about his three, and soon to be, four wives.

You can watch the opening clip to Sister Wives from back in 2010 below. Check out Kody in his tiny but expensive sports car – just the vehicle for a man who has an oversized family, right? That was the cry of the day across the internet – it’s not a family car.x

How’s He Supporting His Polygamous Family?

One of the reasons that the Sister Wives family decided to do the TLC show, they said, was to demonstrate the love in a plural marriage. They also wanted to show the family values within their polygamous lifestyle. Their goal was to put to rest all the preconceived notions about polygamy.

Many of the accusations thrown at the SW family back in the early days of the reality show have faded away. But not all of them have. Back in 2010 and 2011, Kody was seen as a man supporting his polygamous lifestyle by putting his wives to work.

Kody’s Job – Or Not?

While Meri, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine don’t peddle jelly at airports as once suggested, they all four work for a living. From what it looks like today, they are a big piece of the financial puzzle when it comes to supporting the family.

When Kody first introduced his family on Sister Wives, he was reportedly in advertising sales. As you can see in the video clip above, he even dressed the part in a suit and tie. But since then, the husband of four doesn’t seem to have a job. If he does, he hides it well.

Days Gone By – Sister Wives “Brothel”

You won’t find too many people today referring to Kody Brown’s wives as a “brothel” like they did when the show first aired. Viewers of Sister Wives now see Christine, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle, as strong women in their own right. But it’s evident across the social media sites that Kody still carries a stigma.

Despite his wives being well-liked by the viewing audience, Kody is still called “selfish” regularly online. It seems Kody’s stigma is mostly of his own doing. He still appears as somewhat selfish to many show fans. So, not much has changed for Kody Brown in that regard. But, you’d be hard pressed to find derogatory words describing this family today.

People have warmed up to adults in this plural marriage and their large and ever-expanding family. Based on the throwback glimpse at what people thought of Kody Brown and his wives then versus now, the women, at least, have come a long way…

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