‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s an All-Night Mom-Hugger – Says One of the Kids [Video]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown may spend a lot of time hugging his wives – at least from the perspective of his many children. But you have to admit, kids say (and think) the darndest things. And this includes the offspring of Kody Brown. Now, all those Brown kids unleash a few zingers on their dad in the earlier years of the TLC show.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown an All-Night Hugger?

Some hilarity cropped up in a new clip from TLC with Kody Brown and his four wives on the couch talking about all the Sister Wives siblings. This plural marriage confuses the viewers at times. So, imagine how Kody’s kids at a young age might find things different from the families of their peers.

Just an attempt to navigate the “birds and the bees” talk could confuse any kid. Plus, the Sister Wives family has one dad and many wives – so the birds and bees is much more confusing. So, when one of Kody Brown’s kids told a sibling where babies come from – the story was pretty bizarre.

How Babies Are Made…

In a newly released Sister Wives video (below), the ladies talk about future pregnancies. But not babies for themselves. Instead, it was about more grandkids for Kody Brown and the wives. In specifics, they brought about Madison Brown Brush. And, Janelle Brown says she can’t help but wonder when the next grandbaby will pop up. She said she’s always watching for a baby bump.

So, that prompted Christine Brown to tell a cute story about the Sister Wives kids when they were younger. The story dated back from when Kody’s now-older children learned about where babies came from years ago. Christine shared how her son Paedon Brown found out the origin of babies.

He learned the baby-making routine from his sister Aspyn Brown, Kody and Christine’s daughter. This was from a while ago when they were grade school kids. It started with Aspyn, who told her brother to get out of the kitchen or she’d tell him how babies are made. He didn’t budge So, Aspyn told him.

Later, he went to Sister Wives mom Christine and asked if she wanted to hear how babies were made. Despite Christine’s discouraging the chatter, he told her anyway. And what he revealed to his mom’s pretty funny.

Sister Wives: Baby-Making Share Not Enough to Save Boring Season?

Paedon told his mom that the parents do the night-long hug and then nine months later the stork comes with the baby. Well, at least it wasn’t graphic. But looking around at his many siblings, what did this hug story suggest? Paedon probably thought his dad Kody Brown’s quite the hugger.

As the latest Sister Wives season winds down, some fans comment that the episodes are “boring”. Many think the storylines drag on too long. So it looks like TLC might be spicing things up to keep fans interested with some short videos of couch chats with inside info.

When Sister Wives returns Sunday with a new episode, the one-shared house is front and center again. And, fans see Kody Brown handle Valentine’s Day with his four sweethearts. And maybe one, two (or even three) lucky ladies will get an all-night hug from Kody… Watch all-new episodes on TLC Sundays at 10 pm EST.

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