‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Stuns Fans with Advice after All She Went Through

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown is often thought of as the more level-headed co-wife out of the bunch with a track record to prove it. So when she shared her latest advice with her Sister Wives followers you can understand why at first it caused some jaws to drop.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown – Most Grown-Up Adult?

Traditional marriages where only two are involved often show evidence of the old adage, “opposites attract”. You can probably name a few couples that you know personally who fall into this category. Like the wife who can’t stop spending and the penny-pinching husband.

Then there’s always the couple who seem like polar opposites when it comes to disciplining their kids. One parent says “boys will be boys” when they do something risky. But the other parent grounds the kid for a month. Well now think about the Sister Wives and all the different personalities that make up this plural marriage.

There’s the silly and fun personality that shines from Christine Brown. Then there’s Robyn who may be seen as sullen and sometimes withdrawn. The list goes on when describing the wives and Kody Brown. It looks like the spouses offer a full array of personality traits. But what about Janelle Brown?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

No Hidden Agendas With Janelle Brown

The Sister Wives viewers often see Janelle Brown as the most level-headed out of the adults in this plural marriage. That’s only because she doesn’t seem to have any hidden agendas.

She also doesn’t sugar coat a thing and if anyone tells it the way it is – that’s Janelle Brown. So, when this Sister Wives mom of six shares something online, not too many will second guess her.

But… when Janelle shared her latest post, some fans looked twice. Others just quickly read the rest of it because it didn’t sound like something this Sister Wives health-oriented wife would recommend. But she did.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Fans Stunned at First Glance

Janelle Brown dedicates herself to healthy living via her Strive brand. So when she shared a recent post advocating for sun exposure those who follow this Sister Wives grandmother online were a bit shocked. That is until they read on.

Janelle had surgery for skin cancer not too long ago. At the time the second wife from Sister Wives shared a photo of herself just coming home from surgery.

She had a dime-size lesion removed from her upper lip area. The doctor diagnosed her with basal cell carcinoma. This is a very common type of skin cancer which is also very treatable.

Janelle is fair-skinned and she reports how she’s always been careful to wear sunblock. But cancer appeared and she took care of it once getting the diagnosis.

She describes the sun as both her nemesis and a source of vitamins. With the COVID virus running rampant, and “all the hype around vitamin D” to stave off this virus, she felt compelled to share her morning ritual of sunbathing.

Now today, Janelle advocates for sunbathing. In the left photo below she’s sunbathing in her yard. The right photo was taken immediately following her skin cancer procedure.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Sunbathing Pros and Cons

Just Like ‘The Ancients’

Janelle practices her sunbathing in the early sunlight hours. She soaks in the sun not too long after it rises in the morning and when weather permits. Janelle said, “the ancients” talked about the value of the sun when lowest on the horizon. She said it’s best to soak in the sun right after sunrise or right before sunset.

This Sister Wives sun worshiper finds it gives her energy and it’s a wonderful way to start the day. She also uses this sunbathing time to meditate. The low-intensity sun exposure is a healthy way to sunbath, cites Janelle.

Janelle indicates that good sunlight helps keep away skin infections, promotes a strong immune system, along with a bunch of other benefits. Plus it’s a great time to sip your morning coffee as the sun warms your bones.

Many people might think this Sister Wives lady would want to avoid any sun after her skin cancer diagnosis. But that’s not the case for Janelle. She feels exposure to the sun at low-intensity does her more good than harm.

Janelle finds the sun doesn’t burn her in the early morning like it does during other times of the day. But she warns to keep an eye on your skin to make sure that’s the case for you also.

At first glance Janelle’s advice may surprise fans, but the advice may have some merit.

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