‘Sister Wives’: Did Kody Brown Sabotage Flagstaff House – Brags He’ll Outsmart Building Code?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown bragged on national television on Sunday night’s episode how he plans to slip under the radar of building codes in Flagstaff. It was almost as if he stood there and said “come and get me” while saying he would outsmart local law.

It appears Kody Brown couldn’t turn down the chance to demonstrate how sly he can get on the latest SW episode. At the same time, it looked like he unintentionally invited the building authorities to investigate his plans.

Sister Wives: Papa Kody Brown Puts Foot In Mouth?

While Kody Brown dreams of putting the entire Sister Wives brood under one roof – it’s still a dream. The four wives already turned down any thought of sharing a home together. This didn’t deter the patriarch. He secretly met with a home designer to draft up plans for one huge home. It will have five distinct living quarters.

Papa Brown believes if he can show his Sister Wives the blueprints of this one big house, they may agree. So far, from what they’ve said about sharing a dwelling together, it sounds like they’re more apt to jump ship then get on board.

Kody Brown Plots to Outsmart Building Department?

Still, Kody described all the specs on what he wants and doesn’t want in his dream home. Then he talked at the Sister Wives cameras. He started saying he’s about to play “a game”. He’s telling his wives that these are all separate homes with their own kitchens. Yet he will tell the Flagstaff county that it is one super-sized home for his family.

County regulations don’t allow apartment-like dwellings where the Sister Wives clan purchased their land. So, Kody explained that they allow a house and possibly an in-law apartment set-up but that’s about it. Then, when he first said he’s building the house with one communal kitchen, that seemed to fall in line with the county’s specifications.

Sister Wives: A Slick Plan Better Kept to Himself

Then Kody revealed a bit more as he cam-talked about how his wives each get their own kitchen. Doesn’t he realize someone from the county department might be watching Sister Wives? After all, they’re talking about moving to Flagstaff.

Kody Brown left Utah over Sister Wives controversy. The show put a spotlight on the family prompting an investigation by Utah authorities into the Brown family lifestyle. So, they left before the state could prosecute. Didn’t he learn anything from that reveal?

SW: Looks Like Kody Forgets the Power of TV

After Utah, he has to know the effect of revealing your personal life on TV. Yet, he just revealed his intention to present plans for five separate living quarters as one big home. Kody also wants a section of the house for himself as well, which makes up the fifth section.

He plans to build a house with five different areas for Meri, Christine, Janelle, Robyn, and himself. Now the nation knows his plan as he revealed it on the show last night. But he’s going to present the house to the county building department as only one home. Maybe the person approving permits doesn’t have cable TV…

Sister Wives: Let The Games Begin!

It seems like Kody Brown couldn’t stop himself when talking about playing a game to outsmart everyone. Did he sabotage that house even before the plans get drawn up? There’s a good chance someone in Flagstaff saw him talking about his scheme on the TLC show.

The only game Kody might play is one that’s over quickly. If the folks who oversee the building codes and permits in Flagstaff get wind of Kody Brown’s intentions, he might watch his plans tumble like a house of cards. It looks like Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and Christine might not need to worry about Kody’s big house plans. He might have outsmarted himself!

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