‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Straps on Tool to Solve Family’s Money Woes?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown looks as if she’s getting creative these days when taking action to help fix the Brown family’s money problems. While it’s a gamble on her part, it looks like Christine doubles her chances of success. She does this by incorporating Truely Brown’s help with the task.

Christine would undoubtedly share any gains from this task with the family. But it seems more like a Sister Wives attempt at entertaining Truely Brown than a money-finding expedition.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown and Truely Brown Scan for Buried Treasure

This Sister Wives’ celeb is probably finding things to do with her kids these days. It’s not easy keeping children entertained during the stay-at-home culture we live in today.

But Christine Brown and her daughter Truely Brown might just find something in the backyard. Maybe they’ll discover something worth the big bucks while using metal detectors in the backyard.

While Christine’s post highlights this rather fun activity you can do with your kids at home, something else pops out as well. It looks like the backyard at this Sister Wives house can use a little TLC.

Not the TLC network that airs the Sister Wives series but some real tender loving care as it’s a bit messy. Check out the photos below. It appears as if the yard is suffering from the aftermath of a windstorm with lawn furniture on its side.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown - Christine Brown

Christine Brown a Collector of Stuff?

The patio furniture seems to add to the mess. While the yard has the look of a wind-blown mess, that doesn’t explain her porch. It also seems as if Christine Brown uses her Sister Wives back porch as a storage area. Getting in or out of that back door looks like quite the chore.

This Sister Wives mom did move from Vegas to Arizona but that was more than a year ago. The Brown family moved to Flagstaff almost two years ago come this summer, so that’s plenty of time to unpack.

That back porch looks more like a catch-all for unwanted items than it does an entrance into their house. It looks as if this Sister Wives spouse has a china closet stored on the porch as well as other furniture.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Navigating Around the Mess?

So, the yard is messy, at least Christine Brown is taking some time out to entertain Truely Brown while they’re all stuck at home. While it’s not known if this Sister Wives mother-daughter duo had any luck, they’ve at least given it a try.

Who knows what Christine might find hidden and buried within the earth. Both Christine Brown and her youngest child Truely Brown use the scanner on land with a lot of history. Cowboys and gold miners passed through that area hundreds of years ago.

Stories of buried gold and hidden treasures are abundant in legends. Not to mention, stranger things have happened. Everyday people find treasures least where you’d expect.

This activity was probably launched for fun more so than any thought of possible financial gain from findings. But if a family ever did need to find buried riches, like gold, it sounds like it’s this family.

Sister Wives viewers got to hear Kody Brown share the family’s cash problems during the season that just ended. Now in real-time, he’s applied for an emergency cash loan. So, it looks like Kody would be one happy papa if by chance his wife and daughter did pull gold from them-there-hills. Or in this case, that flatland.

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