‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Snaps Eerie Photo – Wows Fans

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown never ceases to amaze her audience and she’s done it again with an odd picture she captured recently. It seems as if this Sister Wives mom’s photographic eye picked up something that belongs on a paranormal show. You know, the ones that offer unexplained images on pictures and videos that look like ghosts.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Captures Odd Photo

It seems this Sister Wives photographer had no idea why the light made such a strange photo. But Christine Brown felt compelled to share it with her followers. She thinks it looks like the “Forest Spirit God looking for his head!” Apparently, she had just watched “Princess Mononoke” and that image reminded her of something.”

The new season of Sister Wives is less than two weeks away and it seems Christine upped the rate of her communication with the viewers. This latest image Christine Brown offered to the audience does collect a lot of “wows” for comments.

The Sister Wives fans take their best stab at what that image looks like and how it happened. Many do walk on the side of the paranormal when discussing what’s in the photo. This isn’t the first time a Sister Wives mom talked about the supernatural or paranormal when it comes to their homes.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Captures Eerie Photo

Grandma Still Rattles Around

Not long after Meri Brown had some time under her belt as the owner of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn she too started to talk about ghosts. In Meri’s case, she believes she knows who rattles through the halls as a ghostly spirit.’

The first Sister Wives woman in this plural marriage believes it’s none other than Sara, her great-great-grandmother. Her ancestors, the Addams family, no relation to Morticia, occupied that home for over a century. The history of her family in that house prompted her to buy the property when the last owner put it up for sale.

Haunted hotels are a big business, according to what the Travel Channel suggests on their haunted specials. So, at the time Meri revealed her ghost, many fans thought it might be a sales gimmick on her part.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Both Co-Wives Open-Minded

While Meri hadn’t seen the ghost with her own eyes, she heard reports of guests seeing one. It seems like Sara might occupy the same room she had when she was living.

So much for the original Sister Wives matriarch’s ghost. It seems like Christine one-upped her. She caught something on camera that appears mysteriously like a “spirit” of some sort.

No matter what it is, this Sister Wives mom of six has her fans very interested in the eerie image she captured on her lawn.

Christine’s focus for that photo was her yard. A looming mist formed and she thought she’d get a photo of it. Instead, she got what she describes as a headless spirit searching for its head. Leave it to this Sister Wives lady, Christine Brown, she knows how to capture the interest of her fans.

Sister Wives Season 15 is less than two weeks away. So tune in Sunday night, February 14 to TLC at 10 pm EST to watch the first new episode.

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