‘Sharp Objects’ HBO Spoilers: 14-Year-Old Killer Amma Crellin?

Sharp Objects on HBO has viewers supremely interested in the age of Amma Crellin (Eliza Scanlen). Gillian Flynn’s novel has been turned into an HBO series, and viewers want to know more about Amma, specifically her age. According to Google, “Sharp Objects Amma age” is a popular suggestion. Camille Preaker (Amy Adams) stars as a journalist who seems to suspect her younger step-sister Amma of wrongdoing. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

How old is Amma Crellin in Sharp Objects?

According to Vanity Fair, Eliza is really a 19-year-old Australian playing the 14-year-old character. Those worried about Amma’s age being too young and inappropriate for the actress can rest assured that Eliza is older in real life.

The young character is called a “worldly” girl by Vulture. Fans got to see a lot more of the roller-skating Amma dealing with her wacky mom Adora Crellin (Patricia Clarkson). The Sharp Objects third episode, titled “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” featured harrowing flashbacks. Camille’s writer’s mind is picking up clues about Amma. And Amma’s mom is dressing the girl strangely.


Eliza’s Amma: Sharp Objects breakout star

Google Trends reports that search terms like “Eliza Scanlen hot” have risen 3100%. “Eliza Scanlen age” is up 600%. Other search terms about Eliza and Amma show that people want to know plenty about the young character. What happens in Sharp Objects? Amma seems to know a lot more than she’s saying thus far.

Camille followed Amma, only to receive weird looks from the young sister. Amma sneaks around, drinks and the like. But Amma also mentioned talk going around town about Camille from years ago. Is Amma just a rebellious teen? Amma confessed in a drunken stupor that her friends love her. They’d do anything for her, Amma bragged.


Amma a teenage serial killer?

If Amma really is the killer that some folks suspect it could make sense. Adora of Sharp Objects is intent on keeping Camille away from the real story. And Adora being warned about a daughter in danger might not be the daughter people think.

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