‘Shahs of Sunset’ Recap: Mike In Vegas, Vida Trashes MJ’s Wedding Dress, S7 E9 ‘Sex, Lies and iPhone Videos’

Shahs of Sunset recap of S7 E9 “Sex, Lies and iPhone Videos” indicate iPhone video shows Mike Shouhed engaging in shocking behavior during the group’s last night in Vegas. The whole crew feels disappointed by what they see. When confronted, tensions rise with Mike and everything comes to a head.

Once back in LA, Mercedes MJ  Javid tries on her wedding dress for her mother, Vida Javid with disastrous results. Vida insults both MJ and the dress. Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi takes her weed business up to the next level. Nema Vand offers GG guidance as she enters the big league on Shahs of Sunset.

Shahs of Sunset Recap – Night Two In Vegas Gets Ugly

Shahs of Sunset starts twelve hours after everyone returns from their first night of partying. It is almost two in the afternoon before the group starts to appear in Reza Farahan’s suite to have breakfast. Mike Shouhed is still angry that Reza broke his trust and told the group that Morgan moved out. Reza tries to wake MJ up to give her a gift – he flew Tommy into Vegas to party with the gang for their last night in town.

The drinks flow as the everyone gets ready to hit the clubs. All the women are decked out in their finest as they head out.  Tensions are high between Mike Shouhed and Reza. Mike hits on several women as the group looks on. The next morning on Shahs of Sunset, everyone is hung over as they arrive for brunch. GG shares a video with the group as they notice Mike didn’t come home the night before. In the video, it looks like Mike hooks up with the waitress. However, when he rejoins the group Mike denies anything happened.

Reza doesn’t buy Mike’s story and they fight horribly. Reza calls Mike Shouhed out on his inability to own up to his bad behavior, especially in his marriage. GG tries to calm everyone down but it gets out of control as the group yells and cries. Finally, Mike and Reza talk as they break down crying and make amends. The group shares a hug as they head to the airport.

Vida Trashes MJ’s Wedding Dress

Vida and Reza arrive at Mike’s house to see MJ’s wedding dress.  MJ comments that even if all her guests get food poisoning at the wedding she wouldn’t care as long as she looks good. Vida is immediately difficult and insists the mother of the bride is the most important person at the wedding. Reza argues that the bride is actually the most important. As MJ enters the room in her dress Vida starts making several negative comments on Shahs of Sunset. Reza saves the day by telling MJ how beautiful she looks.  Vida is hopeful that the dress will look better at the next fitting.

GG Takes Her Business To The Next Level

GG meets with her COO to get ready for a big business meeting. She admits she has never had a job before and now she is the boss. Shervin Roohparvar and Nema head to GG’s house to help her to prepare. This Shahs of Sunset recap shows both are shocked to realize that she has been smoked marijuana three hours before her pitch to investors. GG plays with her cat as Nema rewrites her presentation. Shervin, Nema and GG arrive to the presentation. It is packed with potential investors. Unfortunately, it goes horribly. GG stumbles with her words, giggles inappropriately and the audience falls silent as she tries to connect.

Shahs of Sunset Recap: Back In LA

Destiney Rose shares with GG the search for her father and gets very emotional. Together they call the private detective Destiney hired. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have much new information to share. Mike Shouhed shares with Shervin and Nema that Morgan broke up with him. He realizes he has a lot of unsolved issues he needs to work on before he can be in another relationship.

Next Week On Shahs of Sunset

MJ and Reza spread her father ashes at the beach. GG has another difficult presentation to grow her business. Destiney’s search for her father continues as she is on an emotional rollercoaster. MJ and Tommy fight a week before their wedding as they sort out the details of their prenuptial agreement. Shahs of Sunset airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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