‘Shahs of Sunset’: Mercedes Javid Shocks at Pool Party – MJ Accused – Battle Lines Drawn

Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes Javid hasn’t interacted with castmates in person this season but that changes in the next episode when MJ Javid makes a splash at the pool party. Until now, we only saw MJ via home video clips, phone calls, or Bravo confessionals. So, finally, it’s the explosive episode that Shah’s fans waited for all season.

We all know that Mercedes and Reza Farahan’s friendship deteriorated fast. Now the details come out on the show rather than playing out on social media. No doubt, the ensuing showdown is one for the record books. Here’s what we can expect to see on the show. Catch new episodes Shahs of Sunset  Fridays on Bravo.

Shahs of Sunset: Mercedes Javid Stuns at Pool Party

Shahs castmates gather at Sara Jeihooni’s place for a pool party. No one expects MJ Javid there. Probably because she’s not invited. That’s because Reza Farahan and Golgnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi are there. Recall, both Reza and GG have major beef with MJ. However, Nema Vand shows up late with MJ as his plus one. It seems he has good intentions – hoping to get his friends in the same room to work out their issues.

However, as you know, the road to h*ll is paved with good intentions. His playing peacemaker falls short. Next, his friends attack Nema for blindsiding them with MJ Javid. The Shahs of Sunset cast members at the party were uncomfortable once MJ arrived. Later, Reza and GG tried to duck out. They wanted to avoid a nasty confrontation. Reza says he’s not in a place yet to deal with Mercedes Javid.

Reza Farahan Thinks MJ Orchestrated Jenga-Gate

Shahs of Sunset OG Reza Farahan thinks his one-time bestie Mercedes Javid is the mastermind behind the now-infamous naked Jenga incident going viral in their group. However, MJ Javid firmly denies she used their mutual friend Ali Ashouri to take down Reza and Adam’s marriage. Sadly, many in the circle suspect MJ’s involvement. And, it seems MJ started the chain of events by confiding in Destiny Rose.

Then, Shahs of Sunset alum Destiny took that info to Mike Shouhed while venting to her friend. However, MIke felt Reza needed to know what Adam was (allegedly) up to. Especially since Ali had screenshots of text messages to prove it. So, even if Mercedes Javid didn’t intend to cause drama, that’s what she accomplished anyway. Now, MJ’s friends doubt her sincerity, and it seems only Nema is in her corner on Shahs.

Shahs of Sunset: Mercedes MJ Javid

Shahs of Sunset: Mike Shouhed Confronts Mercedes Javid

The situation intensifies on Shahs of Sunset when Mike Shouhed and MJ catch up. She unloads on Mike about Reza. Of course, Mike’s in a hard spot with his friends. But, it’s pretty obvious whose side he’s on — and it’s not Mercedes Javid’s. In the recent video, MJ rants: “That b***h just ran like the b***h that he is, didn’t he?”. Then, she said, “Yeah! I wonder why. ‘Cause he’s scared?'”

That triggered Mike to confronts MJ asking, “Did you instigate s**t between him and Ali?” Shahs of Sunset fans need to tune in to see how Mercedes “MJ” Javid responds to Mike’s question. From what we know, expect her to deny her involvement. However, the friends draw drawn, guns blaze, and now a war between Reza and MJ is in full swing.

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