‘Shahs of Sunset’ Baby News: It’s a Boy For MJ Javis and Tommy Feight

Shahs of Sunset spoilers reports that Mercedes MJ Javis and her new husband, Tommy Feight are expecting a baby boy. The couple recently announced the gender of their baby and couldn’t be more excited.

Shahs Of Sunset Spoilers – Mercedes MJ Javis & Tommy Feight Are Having A Boy

It’s a boy! MJ and her husband Tommy happily announced they are expecting a boy. The reality star confirmed her pregnancy last week. While filming the season seven reunion of Shahs of Sunset the couple shared the news. Additionally, MJ told E! News she hopes to use her late father’s parenting skills as a guide in raising her little boy.

MJ joked on Shahs of Sunset, “I think legacy really becomes important when you become a mom. You want to set a great example for them. I think it’s inevitable that you’ll become a better person. You’ll aspire to become better because you’ve got this beautiful life in front of you.” Furthermore, MJ said she and Tommy plan to carry her family’s Persian tradition, as well as his family’s Irish tradition when naming the baby.

Shahs of Sunset: Lots Of Struggle Led To This Happy News

Undergoing in-vitro fertilization was not easy for MJ. Additionally, she had two surgeries to remove uterine polyps as she prepared for an embryo transfer. Destiney Rose offered support as MJ went through the difficult process of IVF.

“She has asked me a few times to help her out with those shots. And needles, I just don’t do well with that stuff. Bless her heart,” she said. “Her hormones were everywhere. The amount of pressure and the process is super intense. People don’t really realize.”

According to Mercedes, her pregnancy is a “huge blessing.” Looking back, Mercedes couldn’t be more thankful to her supportive husband. He stuck by her side throughout the mental and physical challenges.  Shahs of Sunset news indicate MJ’s pregnancy has been easy so far with no morning sickness, food cravings or fatigue.

Friends Offer Congratulations

Reza Farahan said that he has a feeling his friend will be better able to express her motherly love then her mother, Vida Javid. “MJ decided a long time ago, monster mommy is coming to an end after Vida’s reign was over.” Furthermore, Vida’s judgmental and harsh ways play out on Shahs of Sunset. Also, Destiney thinks MJ will be an amazing mom.

Luckily, MJ has had a strong support system in her adoring husband Tommy, “There’s nothing more beautiful than for you to see your friend that you love dearly in a place of happiness and true love,” Destiney stated. “Like that is just mind-blowing because you don’t really get to see that often, you don’t.”

Well wishes to MJ Javid and her husband Tommy Freight on their upcoming baby boy. Shahs of Sunset airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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