‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Vanessa Cobbs Spills Truth on Her Acting Background – Dispels Fraud Chatter

Seeking Sister Wife star Vanessa Cobbs was accused of fraud after it leaked that she’s got a history as an actress. With TLC production known to stage scenes and orchestrate “reality” shows, it got fans talking. But now, Vanessa cleared things up with a statement on her “career” as an actress. We dug into her past too and can confirm the truth about whether or not she’s a professional scene player.

Seeking Sister Wife: Is Vanessa Cobbs A Professional Actress?

If you take a glance at Vanessa Cobbs’ IMDB page, you will see she has done some acting in the past. She was on NBC’s Grimm. Also, she played Lieutenant Pelomar Laenah in a Star Trek film. It looks impressive… if you don’t look too closely. But we did. The truth is interesting, but doesn’t align to the Seeking Sister Wife personality being any sort of aspiring professional actor.

The Trekkie film Vanessa Cobbs played in was a “fan made” 33-minute short film. In other words, fans of the franchise grabbed a low-budget HD camcorder and shot a tribute short. Generally, fan films are made for fun and no one gets paid to do it.

Films like this can’t even be released because they are not sanctioned and violate copyright. So films like this go up on YouTube for free. They are strictly just for fun. While this one seems campy, it’s actually one of the better fan-made films. You can check out the Seeking Sister Wife cast member below.

Vanessa Cobbs on Hit Show Grimm – Sort Of…

Seeking Sister Wife potential mate Vanessa Cobbs was also on NBC’s Grimm. That hit show ran from 2011-2017 and shot heavily in Portland and Seattle, where she makes her home. It sounds like a big deal to land a role, but if you know the program, it had tons of extras on every episode.

On Grimm, Seeking Sister Wife‘s Vanessa played a motel maid carrying towels. But, she was on camera for just eight seconds and had no dialog. A voice over called out “housekeeping” but it’s not her voice. Then, she enters carrying towels and sees a body. The camera cuts to the corpse and you hear a scream. Again, not her voice.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs - Grimm - Acting

Grimm was an expensive Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) production that comes with a lot of rules and regulations. So using her simply as a stand-in, no-speaking extra means they saved money. It sounds strange, but if she had speaking lines, then she would be owed higher wages, benefits, SAG insurance, and residuals.

Seeking Sister Wife - Vanessa Cobbs

Vanessa Cobbs’ Acting Bio – Not a Big Deal?

As for the other “television series” Vanessa Cobbs was in, Dark Passages. It turns out to be a low/no budget web series. The website for the series is a free Wix page. If the producers aren’t paying for a  domain name, it’s unlikely they paid the actors.

Acting bios are always puffed up, never list their IRL job, and make every role sound larger and more important than it was. And then there’s the “trained with award winning actors”. This is on many actor’s resume if they have taken any acting class.

But, Vanessa Cobbs’ bio goes over the top claiming the fan-made Star Trek short was “The largest film production in the Pacific Northwest”.  She must have forgotten The Goonies and Sleepless in Seattle, among countless others shot up there. So the Seeking Sister Wife hopeful puffed her resume that contains mostly unpaid gigs and one part as an 8 second extra.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs

Vanessa’s Statement on Her Acting “Career” and TLC Frauding

When her past as a “professional” actress spread on social media, Vanessa Cobbs finally made a statement. You can see it above. She explained that she does non-profit work and is a dental assistant who did some extra work now and then. Vanessa said Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden knew before they began dating and they told TLC right away before Seeking Sister Wife season 2 filming began.

She also said that the network chose not to mention it on the show because viewers might call them out for frauding. TLC has been known to hire people to fake reality scenes (as seen on 90 Day Fiance, for instance). So, they were trying to sidestep this chatter, but hiding it did the same thing. Nonetheless, it seems this is much ado about nothing.

Seeking Sister Wife – Not a Professional Actress, But Doesn’t Mind Cameras

Many people on reality shows have dabbled in acting, low budget film making, singing, modeling, rapping, and other creative arts. The same personality that drives someone to seek the limelight also draws them to the cameras of reality tv. It’s actually more surprising to find reality stars that have NOT done any acting in the past.

While Vanessa Cobbs also did some theater shows and commercials, she is no pro actress by any means. But, what her experience from many years ago on ads and short films means is that cameras don’t both her. It can’t be easy to find people to star on reality shows, like Seeking Sister Wife, that can function with cameras in their faces.

What TLC viewers see is three people chatting at the breakfast table. What you don’t see is a room crowded with three cameras, someone holding a boom mic over their heads, and 20 other people crowded into the room watching, filming, and critiquing. Most people can’t cope with that. So, while her past with bit parts didn’t turn into acting fame, it might have prepared her well for this reality role.

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