‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Kaleh Breaks up Her Relationship

Seeking Sister Wife star Kaleh Clark helps Jarod Clark and Vanessa Clark move into their new home. However, tensions are quickly rising in the family after Jarod confronts Kaleh about her recent attitude.

Seeking Sister Wife: Kaleh Clark Moves Out of Family

Kaleh Clark from Seeking Sister Wife isn’t moving in with Jarod Clark and Vanessa Clark. Instead, she’s just helping her family move into their home. However, she wants to help her family move into their new house. But, before the entire Clark family moves out of their first home together, Kaleh blew up. She ended up packing up all of the items she owns and moved out of their home.

On Seeking Sister Wife, Vanessa Clark and Jarod Clark talk about how they’re working hard to hold down a full-time job. But, they expected Kaleh to take care of the home front. Yet, Kaleh talks about how she feels jealous of Vanessa because she doesn’t feel like taking care of the home front is as important as working a job.

Vanessa Clark from Seeking Sister Wife came home and pointed out that the microwave hasn’t been cleaned properly. However, Vanessa claims she’s yelled at Kaleh because she isn’t happy with the condition of the house. But, Jarod and Vanessa say they’re willing to talk to Kaleh about how to fix the structure of their family.

Seeking Sister Wife: Kaleh Clark

New Spouse Leaves Family Forever?

Jarod Clark and Vanessa Clark from Seeking Sister Wife sit down to talk to Kaleh Clark about the fight that broke out before Kaleh moved out. As they’re sitting down on the couch, Vanessa grabs her sister’s wife’s hand. Jarod talks often about how he wants to be treated as the king of the house, and he expects his wives to act like queens.

On SSW, Jarod talks to Kaleh about how he was really upset about how she left the relationship. He said her leaving the house really hurt him and Vanessa. Then, she says she’s never going to be enough for him. She angrily gets up from the couch, but Vanessa tries to pull on Kaleh’s hand to keep her on the couch.

Next, Jarod Clark tells Kaleh Clark that everywhere she goes, she leaves a path of destruction. She says she’s tired of dealing with this because she knows she’s never going to be enough. She walks out of the house.

Seeking Sister Wife: Kaleh Clark

Seeking Sister Wife: Kaleh Clark Feels More Confident

Kaleh Clark talks about how she feels like she doesn’t have anything to offer to the family. Also, she says she feels like she’s putting all of her personal goals aside. After she spent time away from the family, she says she now works two jobs. Also, she feels a lot more confident in herself and what she has to offer.

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