‘Saturday Night Live’ New Episode Tonight – Ariana Grande Spoof Dumped After Fan Ire?

Saturday Night Live ends its mid-season hiatus with Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande in a brand new episode slated to air Saturday, November 3. Furthermore, SNL season 44 is back up and running with new SNL episodes slated to roll out. Those new episodes start tonight when Jonah Hill takes center stage as the guest host.

Saturday Night Live – Season 44 Hiatus Over

Along with Jonah Hill, Saturday Night Live fans can look forward to the musical guest of the evening, Maggie Rogers. It seems this first new SNL episode of the second half of season 44 is making headlines before it even gets a chance to hit the screen.

SNL – Ariana Grande Sketch Dropped After Tweets From Singer

Reports indicate that SNL aired a promo this week showing a clip from a Pete Davidson sketch. This sketch, which was due to air tonight, rattled folks across the social media sites. The comedy clip has Davidson proposing to Maggie Rogers and this drew the ire of Ariana Grande fans.

According to Vulture, it is a sketch Davidson reportedly wrote about the couple’s demise. Since Pete got wind of Ariana’s reaction to the promo clip it’s been pulled from tonight’s show.

Saturday Night Live – Pete Davidson Jabs Ariana Grande in Sketch?

In the preview clip, Jonah Hill joins Maggie Rogers and Pete Davidson on stage. As an icebreaker, Davidson introduces himself to Rogers with a quickie marriage proposal. “I’m Pete. Do you want to get married?”

This was apparently a dig at his ex-fiance, Ariana Grande, or at least it seems that’s the way she took it. Not long after the clip first aired, Ariana ran amok with a series of tweets. Those tweets have since come down, but they were enough to send the message to Davidson that she did see them.

SNL – Ariana Grande Lets Pete Davidson Know She’s Watching

Ariana seemed to acknowledge that she’s seen the clip. This resulted in tweets from Ariana that were a bit admonishing of Davidson’s humor, according to reports. Those tweets, along with the re-tweet below, seemed to indicate Ariana wasn’t all that happy with the comedy sketch.

SNL – Tweets By Ariana Grande Offer Pete Davidson a Blurb or Two

While Ariana Grande’s tweets were deleted, folks still got a gander at what she posted. She opened up with, “for somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh.” After that tweet came another. The singer wrote, “thank u, next.”

Ariana also tweeted, “k that’s the last time we do that,” and it looks like Davidson may have taken this as a directive from his ex. Pete Davidson reportedly decided that he “didn’t want to go through” with the sketch once hearing his ex-fiance wasn’t happy with his choice of jokes.

Saturday Night Live – New Shows, New Guest Hosts

Lorne Michaels, the head honcho over at SNL, agreed to drop the sketch, according to reports. As far as Davidson’s public jokes about his past relationship and break up – it looks like they might be a thing of the past.

Jonah Hill and Maggie Rogers appear on Saturday Night Live tonight, November 3. Next week’s show schedule indicates it’s Liev Schreiber and Lil Wayne as the guest host and musical guest. They’re scheduled to appear on Saturday Night Live for the November 10 episode.

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