‘Return to Amish’: Shocking Engagement – Who’s Getting Married?

Love is in the air on the new season of Return to Amish. There have already been a few weddings in previous seasons. But who will be next to tie the knot?

Return to Amish: Maureen Byler Engaged to Danny

Maureen Byler is the newest addition to the Return to Amish cast. In the new season, she and her good friend, Rosanna, ditch their strict Amish community for new experiences in the outside world. However, it seems like Maureen doesn’t just want to leave the Amish for a fresh start. She has her eyes set on an ex-Amish boy named Danny. Maureen said that she has a big crush on him, and it seems like the feelings are mutual.

Maureen Byler’s relationship with Danny unfolds in the new season of Return to Amish. It seems like sparks fly between them since they are now engaged. Maureen and Danny got engaged back in July. Since announcing the big news, the two have been posing for pictures together. Maureen said that Danny is the “love of my life” and that they will be together forever. However, they have yet to announce when the wedding will take place.

Return to Amish: Maureen - Danny

Maureen Falls for Ex-Amish Taxi Driver

Maureen Byler explained on Return to Amish that her crush and now-fiancé Danny used to be Amish. However, he left the community and started working as a taxi driver. When Maureen and Rosanna found out that they need a photo I.D to fly to Florida, they decide to drive instead. And, Maureen had the perfect person to call, Danny. But, being Amish, they didn’t have a cell phone. So, they searched for a payphone and gave Danny a call.

According to recent photos of Maureen Byler from Return to Amish, it looks like she is no longer living the Amish lifestyle. In each picture, she isn’t wearing the traditional Amish attire. Instead, she is wearing English clothing. Maureen seems to have decided to leave the community for good. But, will she have an Amish wedding?

Return to Amish: Maureen Byler - Danny

Return to Amish Celeb Opens up to Danny

Maureen Byler got Danny to drive her and Rosanna to Florida so they could live with her grandmother, Ada. Since it’s a long ride, they decided to spend the night camping and continue their journey the following day. While hanging out, Danny asked Maureen and Rosanna if they’ve ever “did it.” The two girls knew that he wanted to know if they were virgins. However, they decided not to give him an answer.

But, Return to Amish spoilers reveal that Maureen Byler eventually opens up to Danny. She tells him that she has never slept with anyone before and that she is still a virgin. Yet, that seems to change when Danny comes to visit her in Florida. Rosanna confronts Maureen about sleeping with Danny. Did she swipe her v-card?

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