Return To Amish: Shelly Plans To Marry Ex-Amish Fiance – Will Matt Leave Her At The Altar?

Return To Amish star Shelly plans to marry ex-Amish fiance, Matt. However, the wedding doesn’t go as planned. Matt seems to be unsure about marrying Shelly. Tension rises as fellow cast mates wonder if he will leave Shelly at the altar. Her and Matt both left their Mennonite and Amish communities to become English. Matt preposed to Shelly and the two decided to have an English wedding. However, it is not sure if the couple will get married after all.

Shelly Says Yes To The Dress

In the sneak peek of TLC’s Return To Amish, Shelly goes wedding dress shopping. She goes shopping with Dawn, Lisa, Carmela and Ada. Shelly decided to pick a traditional English white dress. White wedding dresses are not typically worn by Mennonites on their wedding day. She eventually finds a dress that she loves. With this choice of a wedding dress, she has definitely picked to stay English.

Since Shelly is having an English wedding her Mennonite family will not be attending. Her mother was also not there for the wedding dress purchase. Ada expresses that this makes her sad that Shelly’s Mennonite mother was not there to see her daughter try on wedding dresses. However, Ada is honoured that she was there to support Shelly.

Lowell Taunts Matt Before Wedding

In the previous episode of Return To Amish, Lowell puts-down Matt during his bachelor party. He brought up the fact that he previously dated Shelly. This didn’t go down well with Matt. He got very angry and threatened to fight Lowell. Surely, this is going to have a huge impact when it comes to the wedding day.

In the sneak peek, Lowell slams Matt again. However, this time it is right before the wedding. Lowell asks him if he is ready to marry Shelly. Lowell pats him on the back and says “it’s your wedding bro. It’s going to be amazing.” It looks like he is bothered by how Lowell is treating him. This sparks a lot of curiosity about if Matt will marry Shelly.

Matt Unsure About Marriage

In the sneak peek of Return To Amish, Matt looks very uneasy when it comes to marrying Shelly. She notices that something is going on with Matt. However, she has no idea what it can be. When asked if he will take Shelly as his wife he has an unsure look on his face. It looks like Matt may abandon Shelly at the marriage altar.

There is a lot of tension in the air during the wedding ceremony. No one knows what Matt will do. Or if he will even say “I do.” Jeremiah Raber states that if Matt backs out of this wedding he is going to be making a lot of people angry. Jeremiah was there when he got mad at Lowell at the bachelor party. He knows that there is some tension between the two. He just hopes that it doesn’t interfere with the wedding.

Matt was previously married to Breaking Amish star Courtney and has a child with her. The two were experiencing infidelity issues. He decided to experience the English world on the TLC show Breaking Amish. However, it is clear that the two are no longer together.

Will Matt run away from Shelly at the wedding altar? Find out on the new episode of TLC’s Return To Amish.

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