‘Return to Amish’: Is Kate Stoltz Still Modeling?

Return to Amish star Kate Stoltz‘s dream of becoming a model came true after she left her strict community. She has been able to make a name for herself in the fashion world. But is she still modeling?

Return to Amish: Kate Stoltz Leaves Strict Life to Chase Dream

Kate Stoltz grew up living as the daughter of a bishop in a tight-knit Amish community. The Return to Amish cast member had to work on a farm and sew clothing for her family. Making clothes for her family sparked her passion for fashion. Kate had dreamed about one day becoming a model. However, living under the strict rules of the Amish ways made her goal seem impossible. So, she took the opportunity to ditch her old ways to experience life in the English world on TLC’s Breaking Amish.

Once the Return to Amish reality star got to New York City, she made it her goal to become a model. However, living in the English world and trying to get into the fashion industry proved to be difficult for Kate Stoltz. Her fellow cast members even got concerned about her new lifestyle. They were worried that Kate may have an eating disorder since they noticed she wasn’t eating much and exercising a lot. But, Kate didn’t let their concerns stop her from chasing her dreams.

Return to Amish: Kate Stoltz

Kate Signs with Top Modeling Agency

Kate Stoltz eventually got her big break in the fashion industry. The Return to Amish cast member never gave up on achieving her goal. She even got the offer to sign with a top modeling agency in New York City. Since then, she has participated in many runway shows and modeled for different designers. Kate has even posed for Maxim magazine. But, she has continued to build her resume in the fashion world.

Kate Stoltz from Return To Amish added to her fashion knowledge by attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in the big city. It was there she got her associate degree in Fashion Design. Leaving the Amish community seemed to have been beneficial for her career. However, Kate didn’t just stop at modeling and getting a degree.

Return to Amish: Kate Stoltz

Return to Amish Celeb Starts Fashion Line

Back in 2015, Kate Stoltz created her own fashion line and became a fashion designer. Her brand focuses on creating luxurious and “made to wear” items. She is currently selling women’s wear, accessories and headbands. However, once the global pandemic hit, Kate started to create masks to help stop the spread of the virus. One of her creations was even in a Future of Fashion exhibition.

The Return to Amish TLC star does model a lot of the items that she sells. So, Kate Stoltz seems to be still modeling. But, it looks like she is working more on her own brand these days.

When Kate Stoltz isn’t modeling or designing unique pieces, she is doing a lot of charitable work. She founded a charity called Developing Faces. The charity aims to better the lives of babies and children who have facial abnormalities by giving them surgical care.

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