‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’: Teddi Mellencamp’s Drastic Hair Makeover – See Before-After Pics

Real Housewives of Beverly HillsTeddi Jo Mellencamp is spicing things up. She shocked fans by what she did to her beautiful, long locks. But it looks really nice on her and complements her looks very well, so everyone is giving it a thumbs up.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: No More Boring Teddi Jo Mellencamp

Throughout the season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, people call Teddi Mellencamp boring. And if you want to get her upset, that’s the way to go. When Sutton Stracke said at the dinner party that she thought Teddi was going to be boring, that set off some real drama.

Despite how boring people say Teddi is, she is always at the center of some kind of disagreement. Recently it was over her and Kyle Richards being a package deal. Now, if Kyle went and dyed her hair the same color, maybe we would have something to talk about.

It looks like Teddi of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is tired of people calling her boring. Now it’s time to see some of her fabulous hair color in the before and after pictures below.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Teddi Mellencamp

Mask Up and Fix My Face

It doesn’t seem like Teddi can stay away from getting her hair and makeup done. Her makeup artist was at her house fixing her up. Viewers of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wonder if she had somewhere to go or just wanted to feel pretty.

Teddi, of course, didn’t have a mask on herself since she was getting her makeup done. Fans wonder if she is really worrying about COVID-19. Or if she doesn’t want people to be upset if they see people not wearing masks at her house. After all, she does have young Dove and her other children to think about.

It does seem like Teddi Mellencamp of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is doing well throughout the quarantine. She is staying active online and coaching clients to lose weight and feel their best. And it seems like it is working for her.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Teddi Mellencamp

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Teddi Mellencamp Hiding Out and Looking Hot

If you’re going to be at home with your husband from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that airs on Wednesday nights on Bravo at 8 pm it does make sense to look hot. Her husband Edwin Arroyave is around the house with her and they are sharing the load taking care of kids. He hasn’t weighed in on what he thinks about the hair yet. But he pretty much does whatever Teddi from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills says, so we think he’s good with it. Happy wife, happy life, after all.

It doesn’t look like Teddi Mellencamp has any plans of letting her business die. Even though she can’t get together with clients in person or have events, she can still do things virtually. And she looks like she’s doing it big since she’s sharing photos of her client’s success.

Even though everyone is doing their best out in California, most of the people are more than ready to come off lockdown. So far, we aren’t seeing any problems with the episodes coming out.

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