‘Raising Wild’ Spoilers: Brett Hines Hay Fail Leaves Family Out in the Cold – Season 1 Episode 6

Raising Wild spoilers show Brett Hines and the bigger guys in the family racing to insulate to the barn-house before the weather gets too cold. They desperately need to block out the chill mountain and coming snow. But it looks like Brett didn’t quite do the math right and falls short on hay. Also, Brett teased on Twitter that Episode 6 of Season 1, Sarah Get Your Gun, features a shower scene with Brett. If that’s your thing ladies (or gents), tune into the Discovery Channel tonight to see the father of six get all lathered up. Then again, he may mean something else entirely.

Raising Wild Season 1 Episode 6: Hey, We Need More Hay

As tonight’s Raising Wild episode kicks off, we see Brett Hines and Nathan Hines working with the bigger guys in the group to shore up the drafty barn before winter comes calling. In the Central Highlands of Washington, that means lows in the 20s and highs in the 30s and some snow (but not blizzardy snow). The Hines family set up their homestead in Tonasket, Washington about 25 miles south of the Canadian border.

Without central heat and air, the barn gets cold in winter and hot in the summer. So, insulation is important. The problem is, oldest son Nathan Hines has plenty of life experience of his own and a background in construction. So, he’s got definite ideas about how this project should go. That rubs dad Brett Hines the wrong way and we’ll see them bickering. Then, the hay stacking project begins. Brett’s decided they’ll use bales of hay against the walls to block drafts and keep in the heat. Unfortunately, they didn’t order enough hay on Raising Wild and the project falls short.

So, will the Hines family be left out in the cold because of Brett’s error?

Predators Circle the Hines Homestead – Sarah Hines Steps Up

season one episode six of Raising Wild features family concerns outside the home too. They’ve got a lot of livestock now, but since they live on a remote mountainside with hungry predators, safety’s a top concern. It seems the livestock’s under threat from a predator that won’t stay off the property. That means Gideon the goat, the chickens, and Josephine the llama. So, Sarah Hines gets serious about protecting the family and animals by working on her shooting skills.

From Poop Freezers to Hay Bale Wall Covering – Raising Wild’s Got Something For Everyone

Last episode of Raising Wild showed us how you can turn a freezer into a rocking chair poop box. There was also homemade pickles and ice cream. Then, the family put together their root cellar that’ll also provide emergency shelter. This week, Sarah Hines gets her gun and goes out to work on her marksmanship so she can defend the family homestead. This should be interesting. With dad no doubt an expert shot, what did Sarah learn from Brett Hines?

There’s a lot to see on the first season’s Episode 6 titled Sarah Get Your Gun on Discovery Channel Sunday September 1. Raising Wild is on a bit later, starting at 10:18 pm thanks to Alaskan Bush People overrun. Be sure to tune in to see the guys get covered in hay, run short, and get frustrated while Sarah Hines defends the homestead. No doubt Nathan Hines has something to say to father Brett Hines about running out of insulation, but “hay” that’s life in the wild, right?

And in case you’re wondering, that shower seems to be a downpour of hay, nothing hot and soapy…

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