‘Queen Sugar’ Episode 8 Spoilers: Charley Finds Prison Plan – Goes Ham Over Remy and Nova?

Queen Sugar has kept viewers enthralled, with several storylines set to hit a boiling point in the steamy southern town. In a recent episode, Charley Bordelon (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) discovered that the Landry Family has been working with the government on a sinister plan. They will construct a controversial private jail on her family’s precious sweet land.

However, in the preview of episode 8, airing July 18, titled “Come, Clad in Peace,” Charley confronts her sister Nova Bordelon (Rutina Wesley). Charley doesn’t realize the “mystery man” Nova has been seeing is none other than Charley’s ex-boyfriend, Remy Newell (Dondre Whitfield).

Queen Sugar Smack-down Ahead?

“Who is this mystery man that Aunt Vi mentioned?” Charley can be seen in the following video coyly asking her sister Nova about her new boyfriend-in-hiding. Aunt Violet Bordelon (Tina Lifford) didn’t realize that Nova and Remy were away from the dance-floor of Vi’s 60th birthday party for romance. Vi was apparently doing a lot of romance blocking that night. Micah stole kisses behind a closed door with his girlfriend. Violet yelled for Nova, only to stop her erotic handholding session in the kitchen later with her voice from afar.

Charley will threaten the Landry Enterprises board, but the revelation of Nova and Remy might be the bigger battle. It shouldn’t remain a secret seduction for long, Vulture surmises. Charley had her own colorism war against her Queen Sugar siblings in previous episodes due to her Caucasian mother. The fact that Charley and Remy parted ways after their promising union soured was one hit. Charley learning that her ex-husband Davis West (Timon Kyle Durrett) fathered a 13-year-old child was another. Nova being with Remy won’t put her in any kind of good position to deal with the new betrayal.

Remy Newell Gets Revenge With Nova Hook-Up?

Even if Charley doesn’t go crazy over Remy and Nova’s newfound attraction, the Queen Sugar viewers on Twitter are mad. Fans of the show are praising Queen Sugar writers and actors. There was that slow burn of a circling that Remy and Nova performed when they couldn’t resist touching each other. It was merely fingers and palms together.

Perhaps it is the heat of forbidden love that has things so hot between the duo. But not everyone is a fan of Remy and Nova’s link-up. The connection between Nova and Calvin (Gregory Vaughan) – a white, married cop – reports the New York Times – was a hot mix. Certain Queen Sugar viewers want to see it revived. Maybe Calvin will reappear in some sort of new prison capacity to turn the love triangle into a square.

Nova and Charley: Real Housewives of Saint Josephine?

Nova’s potential hook-up with her sister Charley’s ex-boyfriend Remy is making some viewers’ blood boil. Remy and Nova shared the same fictional town and had plenty of time to become a couple in the past. Previously, Charley was still a married California power wife and Nova was a black-power journalist without a big book deal. Queen Sugar lovers want Remy to find happiness – just not with his ex-girlfriend’s sister.

When the sugar-honey-ice-tea hits the fan, expect a Real Housewives of Atlanta type of beat-down to ensue. Or, a scene with sisters fighting that’s reminiscent of Kim and Kyle Richards from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Maybe love will bloom between Nova and Remy, with their scandalous affair transforming into marriage one sweet day. Or perhaps it is Charley who is really falling for a sweet deal with two guys on her bench. Only if she doesn’t “get got” by the 3D chess game she’s trying to play with a conniving clan.

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