‘Project Runway’ Winning Designers Seasons 13-16: End Of Heidi Klum And Tim Gunn Era – Where Are They Now?

Project Runway is returning to Bravo in March with Christian Siriano and Karlie Kloss. Lifetime is currently airing their finale season of Project Runway All Stars, season 7. What are the original 16 Project Runway designers doing now? Here is the final part of our four part series on the Project Runway winners.

Project Runway Season 13 Winner: Sean Kelly

Throughout season 13, menswear designer Sean Kelly wowed the judges. During this season, Sean was pitted against Hawaiian-based designer Kini Zamora. Both created spectacular garments for a unique rainway runway. Then during the finale, Sean stepped it up. He sent down a series of garments with dramatic fringe. The New Zealand native’s collection was inspired by a Project Runway challenge trip to Rome.

He was fascinated by the betrayal of Julius Caesar, and used that for fodder for his winning collection. After laying low a few years, Sean was on guest judge on Project Runway New Zealand last year.He is currently competing on the finale season of Project Runway All Stars.

Project Runway Season 14 Winner: Ashley Nell Tipton

Ashley Nell Tipton won season 14 walking plus-size models, stunning all that were attending this NYFW show. Ashley was determined to create fashion-forward, plus-size clothing. She wowed the audience because she had the guts to show a plus-sized collection at NYFW.

Ashley is now a plus-size influencer. She is invited to social media events, and the media wants to know what she has to say about plus-size fashion. At the same time, Ashley has reduced her figure after gastric bypass surgery. She did this to help with her depression and improve her ailing health.  She continues to model her own clothing and puts out colorful collections of clothing on her own site.

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Project Runway Season 15 Winner: Erin Robertson

Erin Robertson won season 15 with bananas, pop art and a lot of yellow. The Utah born, Boston-based designer is now into 3-D printing and sustainable fabrics. She does not follow the traditional designer timetable. This forward-thinking, millennial designer wants to produce and show her collections any time she please.

According to Azula, her collection, called An_Erin, is sold through her own website. Modeling most of her collection, she has given up bananas for oysters, and yellow for bright pink.

Project Runway Season 16 Winner: Kentaro Kameyama

The final Lifetime Project Runway season winner was Kentaro. This winning designer was a former classical piano player from Japan, whose real passion was in fashion design. The Los Angeles based designer and instructor used his musical background to create his unique fashion style. Kentarto’s beautiful finale collection walked the runway to his original musical composition, inspired by a dead cat. His collection stuck to his signature neutrals, but peaked with some shots of colors, wowing all, including guest judge Jessica Alba.

This was the season with Brandon Kee, who won a good percentage of challenges and was the pick to win. Kentaro and Brandon became such good friends during this season, they called themselves brothers. Brandon was happy for Kentaro’s win. But, this tranquil winner was not indicative of the chaos and drama of the final Lifetime Project Runway season.

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Twin Drama And Plus-Size

For the first time, Project Runway had relatives competing against each other. Twin sisters Shawn and Claire Buitendorp had previously designed clothes for such celebrities as Katy Perry. Now they were on the Lifetime reality show competing against each other.

The two worked together so often that it was hard to determine who actually did what in their design aesthetic. While this may work in their design business, this clearly confused the judges. This also annoyed their fellow designers with their chaotic work style and emotional outbursts.  Then the designers disliked Claire because she brought a tape measure to her room.

Tim confronted Claire, and she admitted this was true. After the show aired, the sisters deny that she was intentionally cheating, Nonetheless, this was the drama that dominated the first half of the season.

For the first time, Project Runway used plus-size models. The designers had a new model for each challenge, and they each had a chance to design for plus-size models. This offered opportunities for growth. Best of all, more people tuned into the long-running fashion design show because of this new plus-size focus.

The new season of Project Runway debuts on Bravo sometime in March. The fashion design reality show is heading into its 17th season, with new host, Karlie Kloss, and season 4 winner Christian Siriano is the new mentor. So it’s just Nina Garcia from the original Project Runway that remains the same!

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