‘Paranormal Caught On Camera’: Eerie Ghosts, Scary Baby Monitor Clips – Debuts On Travel Channel

Paranormal Caught on Camera debuts tonight on the Travel Channel and it promises to make even the skeptics cringe. The non-believers out there may very well revisit the possibilities of ghosts, spirits, aliens, and things otherworldly.

You’ve probably seen the commercials for this series. The clips feature furniture moving and ghostly figures. One of the more interesting clips shows a baby seemingly doing the impossible. The toddler balances on the edge of a crib rail. Further, the tot does this without holding on to anything.

Paranormal Caught on Camera: Claims Expert Scrutiny of Strange Videos

According to the Travel Channel, before any of the clips get airtime, the experts scrutinize the images. They say they use modern technology to weed out fake videos. They also check for tampered footage. These videos come to Paranormal Caught On Camera from around the world. Ghost hunting hit new heights in popularity in recent years.

As a result, there was a slew of shows about this topic. Some included Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Kindred Spirits, and Paranormal Witness. But this show offers the opposite of the traditional ghost hunter fare. Instead of people lurking and looking for signs of the paranormal, this show promises the “evidence” up front.

Travel Channel Shows What Goes Bump in the Night – Caught on Camera

Paranormal Caught on Camera says it already has the proof of paranormal events. Furthermore, whether it’s ghosts, aliens, or something else, the footage shows an event that already happened.

So there’s no waiting with this show. Instead of sitting around with hopes that a ghost hunter catches a disembodied voice on tape, the show offers “evidence” already caught on tape.

Traveling Salesman Experiences Poltergeist – Sasquatch On Tape

Season 1 Episode 1 of Paranormal Caught on Camera rolls out Wednesday, February 13. The first episode contains some bizarre footage. First, there’s a traveling salesman who checks into a seedy motel room in Texas. While there, he encounters alleged poltergeist activity in his room.

Wednesday night’s debut also includes one of the holiest cities on Earth. There, witnesses documented what they swear is a UFO. The premiere episode also promises a tape of two hikers having a very strange encounter. The duo claims to spot Sasquatch while in British Columbia.

Irish School With Ghostly Figures – Monster Washes Up on New York Beach

Paranormal Caught on Camera promises all kinds of jaw-dropping videos. Not just tonight but also as the series continues on TLC every Wednesday night. Certainly, an Irish school catching ghost activity on security cameras is a curiosity. Or how about a monster washing up on a beach in New York?

Then there’s also astonishing footage caught on baby monitor cameras. These individual clips come to Paranormal Caught on Camera from all corners of the world. Believer or cynic, the new Travel Channel promises that they checked out the videos and says they’re the real deal. Judge for yourself tonight.

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